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29/11/2014 06:21
It seems that I have no back-up from the download section, but I have to check my other PC for it. It is terrible, I didn't recognize that it's collapsed until Prisma told it. Sorry for it guys! I try to do something, anyway.

28/11/2014 12:28
any1 has a backup of the download section and can upload the db somewhere else?

21/04/2014 11:23
Happy Easter for Everyone! >(: O)=

19/01/2014 09:05
There will be a lot of updates on the forum with information about the game, as long as RL and the fact that i only can get Silverfall:EA to work for now, the silverfall DVD i have, have always been a bit hard to install, right now it is impossible, Silverfall:EA still supports the same modded pak file without silverfall, at least for what i am modding right now. I am in the proses of getting a new DVD.

18/01/2014 14:39
The level cap on characters is still stuck at 100, but i may be able to make some items that simulate level ups... I really wish the character level wasn't hard coded to 100.

18/01/2014 07:33
That means we can expect a mod, which removes the level caps from items, and level caps restrictions from character developing? It would be great! smiley

17/01/2014 19:56
Yes, i found a way to remove the level requirement from items... This means that i am a step closer to making level 100+ maps.. and monsters level cap is somewhere over 250.. and i know where the items level caps/restrictions are... smiley

13/01/2014 21:56
This is a little bit late, but anyway.. Happy New Year smiley

01/01/2014 08:04
I wish all of You Happy New Year! smiley

31/12/2013 10:14
I don't think steam version has different version number as the DVD. An advice: check the settings, and try to play at medium graphic settings for example... If it doesn't solve the problem, try to remove the mods.

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