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No New PostsHulart and Lord Gort BROLY5783 537 2 21-07-2017 14:30
by BROLY5783
No New PostsMeher quest! Archimage 4155 5 11-07-2017 16:25
by BROLY5783
No New PostsMod to change philosophy "Nature" y "Tecnology" BROLY5783 409 1 23-06-2017 04:06
by Ardea
No New PostsFinal Skill Wx 464 4 20-05-2017 04:13
by Ardea
No New PostsTech Vs Nature Wx 554 1 19-05-2017 04:16
by Ardea
No New PostsThe druid must die! Wx 532 1 15-05-2017 04:48
by Ardea
No New PostsBerserk Wx 567 1 15-05-2017 04:41
by Ardea
No New PostsSilverfall Ardea 4062 8 21-09-2013 05:40
by Prisma
No New PostsSilverfall Earth Awakening Ardea 4969 4 14-06-2011 20:04
by darkova
No New PostsThe Steelight crystal rolo 5004 1 20-06-2010 05:44
by Ardea
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31/12/2019 19:04
Happy New Year for All of You! smiley

24/12/2019 19:13
A year has passed, so... Merry Christmas for Everyone! smiley

21/04/2019 05:07
Happy Easter for all of you! smiley

31/12/2018 07:06
And Happy New Year! smiley

24/12/2018 19:52
Merry Christmas for Everyone! smiley

21/12/2018 13:22
Found a mistake in Potions guide: Rock Potion gives +1 str, not +1 hp smiley

20/12/2018 21:06
Just as I have expected, SF: Complete on Steam for 3,74

19/12/2018 05:18
I check this site everey day, as I do with my other websites. smiley And I'm glad if someone jump in occassionally, and chat a bit. smiley

18/12/2018 18:46
*were worth

18/12/2018 18:46
Was thinking on grabbing SF and SF:EA on Steam if they pop up during winter sale. Since last time I played was almost 7 years ago and maybe dig in game code once more and see if I could reverse engineer some stuff while at it. Maybe 3.5 years at uni were something. smiley

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