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Author The druid must die!

Posts: 6
Joined: 08.05.17
Posted on 11-05-2017 22:56
So I am trying to complete this part in the chain quest but I can't figure out how to climb the mountain they are on. Maybe I am just stupid (which is possible) but how do I get to the Druid? I cannot seem to find a path that leads up to them. What am I missing?
Oh this is a part of the Workers aren't working anymore quest. Or the main quest is Philosophy at the factory or something.
Any help is appreciated!
Author RE: The druid must die!
Super Administrator

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Posts: 59
Location: Hungary, Budapest
Joined: 09.10.09
Posted on 15-05-2017 06:48
Yes, I remember that I was looking for a way, too, but you can find it.
Now I looked at the Cloudworks desert map, and I suggest you do the same.
Then, approximately right to the Coal-crystal Mine (no. 20) you can see dark brown steps. You can climb up on that to the plateau, and from there you must go right, to south.
I hope that helped.
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