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Shoutbox Archive
snostar on 09 16 2010
where can i find the fossils??
Ardea on 09 11 2010
Good news! I'm ready with almost the half of the Earth Awakening walkthrough. Perhaps I'll display it next week and continue the translating after that. smiley
Ardea on 08 10 2010
I'm glad to hear such a comment. smiley I've found only German fansites (with fewer content), therefore decided to creat an English language one. smiley
Michael on 08 09 2010
All greetings! To me it is pleasant that game Silverfall has a fan a site.
Ardea on 08 07 2010
Now it is the Earth Awakening Walkthrough which comes next! smiley
Ardea on 08 01 2010
Eeer... I know you have enough of my promises, but I promise nex week I'll upload the promised correction for female chars. smiley
Ardea on 07 04 2010
I deleted this thread, but thank you again, you helped us! smiley
Ardea on 07 04 2010
Hah! Many thanks! I needed it just to be sure! smiley Because I've made a backup save before installing the Hungarian files. And in the saved English file there were no such mistake like in the Hungarian. So: the English version needs no correction about the Etherea portal (to the Dwarfs' Land)! Therefore I soon upload the corrected files for girls! smiley (And some other things)
Syre on 07 04 2010
I've posted the first 20 lines in the forum, if you haven't already gotten the file.
Ardea on 06 25 2010
Could one of you please send me the Dialog.loc or at least copy the first few rows of it (first 20 rows) to the Forum/Silverfall? I would need it to check if the correctin is really needed for the SFEA extension... Thx in advance. smiley The correction for th
Ardea on 06 07 2010
If I make the correction in the English texts, of course they'll work! smiley Then soon you'll be able to find it in Downloads and I will make a post for it in the news. smiley
pulverizer on 06 06 2010
Thanks for all the work on this website! I'd like to get the fixes that you mentioned for a female PC. Would these work for the English version of the game? Thanks again!
Ardea on 05 30 2010
Are there any girls playing Silverfall? I discovered some missing texts when playing female character and I've managed to repair. And I've also found a dialogue window which is confused (at Etherea portal) and I've repaired it as well in Hungarian text. Do you think it would be useful to you if I upload the corrected English text for you to download? smiley
Ardea on 05 29 2010
Alas, I don't know the PSP version. Would you please let us know some info about the quests? Are they the same as in PC version? Thanks in advance. smiley
billiesilver on 05 29 2010
Thankyou for this website!! unfortunatly I've got the Psp version, and it doesn't look nearly as great as the PC one!! smiley
Ardea on 04 21 2010
Welcome to the new Members! smiley I'm here every day, so your questions will be answered! smiley
Ardea on 04 04 2010
Happy Easter for Everyone! >(: O )=
Ardea on 03 01 2010
Hi guys! I'm alive and will try to load up some new quests to walkthrough this week.
Ardea on 02 09 2010
You can send them in by "Submit Photo" (on the left) and put it into the "You sent in" gallery. Thanks. smiley
Ardea on 02 09 2010
Hey guys out there! If I ask all of you nicely, would you send in some screenshots from your game/character?
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12/04/2020 05:54
A year has passed... Happy Easter for everyone! Try to keep Yourselves and your loved ones healthy and happy at least as much as current events let You.

31/12/2019 19:04
Happy New Year for All of You! smiley

24/12/2019 19:13
A year has passed, so... Merry Christmas for Everyone! smiley

21/04/2019 05:07
Happy Easter for all of you! smiley

31/12/2018 07:06
And Happy New Year! smiley

24/12/2018 19:52
Merry Christmas for Everyone! smiley

21/12/2018 13:22
Found a mistake in Potions guide: Rock Potion gives +1 str, not +1 hp smiley

20/12/2018 21:06
Just as I have expected, SF: Complete on Steam for 3,74

19/12/2018 05:18
I check this site everey day, as I do with my other websites. smiley And I'm glad if someone jump in occassionally, and chat a bit. smiley

18/12/2018 18:46
*were worth

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