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Shoutbox Archive
X-Elf on 01 17 2014
Yes, i found a way to remove the level requirement from items... This means that i am a step closer to making level 100+ maps.. and monsters level cap is somewhere over 250.. and i know where the items level caps/restrictions are... smiley
X-Elf on 01 13 2014
This is a little bit late, but anyway.. Happy New Year smiley
Ardea on 01 01 2014
I wish all of You Happy New Year! smiley
Ardea on 12 31 2013
I don't think steam version has different version number as the DVD. An advice: check the settings, and try to play at medium graphic settings for example... If it doesn't solve the problem, try to remove the mods.
falkon311 on 12 30 2013
Anyone's steam version crash after an hour or so of playing? I have both of riotar's mods installed.
Ardea on 12 25 2013
Merry Christmas for Everone! smiley
Prisma on 10 17 2013
Going to play again, I guess. Laptop went to warranty.
Ardea on 09 25 2013
Welcome! Feel free to browse this site and if you have questions, ask in the right Forum topic or - if it's short - here. smiley
DeeP on 09 24 2013
Hello everyone, glad to be here.
Prisma on 09 22 2013
Thanks, good call smiley
Ardea on 09 22 2013
Yeah. It's quite a good little game. That's why I established this site and keep it running. It's worth the time and work. smiley
Prisma on 09 21 2013
Bought the game for 2,5€ and got really surprised. It's pretty complete, not easy to get bored and quite good in graphics.
Ardea on 07 20 2013
Wow! It's quite a good price. Even in HUF. smiley Thanks for the links. But I don't think I can use those icons for this site.
LordGort on 07 19 2013
SilverFall is on sale on Steam smiley
LordGort on 07 19 2013
I come here from time to time, to check is there anything new. Its sad that this page becoming dead ;( And look what awesome icons for SF I found smiley I was quite surprised to see that someone made icons for SF, because not much people know about this game smiley
Ardea on 07 06 2013
I agree... smiley I come here every day to delete robot-users (mostly), but that's all I have to do...
LordGort on 07 06 2013
So empty... smiley
Ardea on 03 31 2013
And the next one: Happy Easter for Everyone! >(8O)=
Ardea on 01 02 2013
And a Happy New Year! smiley
Ardea on 12 24 2012
I wish all of you Merry Christmas! :-)
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12/04/2020 05:54
A year has passed... Happy Easter for everyone! Try to keep Yourselves and your loved ones healthy and happy at least as much as current events let You.

31/12/2019 19:04
Happy New Year for All of You! smiley

24/12/2019 19:13
A year has passed, so... Merry Christmas for Everyone! smiley

21/04/2019 05:07
Happy Easter for all of you! smiley

31/12/2018 07:06
And Happy New Year! smiley

24/12/2018 19:52
Merry Christmas for Everyone! smiley

21/12/2018 13:22
Found a mistake in Potions guide: Rock Potion gives +1 str, not +1 hp smiley

20/12/2018 21:06
Just as I have expected, SF: Complete on Steam for 3,74

19/12/2018 05:18
I check this site everey day, as I do with my other websites. smiley And I'm glad if someone jump in occassionally, and chat a bit. smiley

18/12/2018 18:46
*were worth

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