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Boss Map mod by X-Elf
Dear Players and Fans!

I gladly introduce you a new mod made by X-Elf, in which you can spawn the boss enemies already at the beginning of the game, in the Swamp camp.

You have to be careful when using this mod, but sure it will be a big fun!

Please read the Readme file before using the design.pak.

From now on this mod contains the changes made by riotar in his design.pak! (Including the patch for Mega Qje-Shi.)

Here you can find the mod.

Have a happy killing time. :-)

Down with Robot users!
Dear Readers, Gamers and Future Users!

I'm terribly sorry, but I activated the admin activation for users with immediate affect, because recently there were a lot of robot users, who signed up just for adds and there is no place for them in such a game site.

I hope you can understand this decision of mine, and will have the patience until I activate the new users. I will check the site every day - as I did before - and activate YOU as soon as possible.

And for better decision please, try to choose your usernames WELL and CLEAR so that I can recognize, that you are a real user. (Sorry for asking that...)

Thank you for your understanding!


New downloadable patches - REFRESHED!!!
Hey Folks!

Riotar - one of our members - sent us two great patches to the Downloads.

One of them is a patch by which you can gain technical/nature points instead of some money in two quests. This is for Silverfall.

The other one is a useful design patch for the unusable items, which are now covered by a big red cross. From now on you can see the unavailable items in a red frame instead of the cross-over. This is for Earth Awakening.

You can download both of them from the relevant section of the Downloads.

Have a nice time with the goodies! ;-)

And many thanks for riotar!

UPDATE: riotar sent us a newer version of this design.pak!!! This contains fixes for The defences of nature quest, where the Mega Qje'Shi didn't want to show up. Now we all can confront her and finish this task properly!

You can dowload this modification from the Downloads/Earth Awakening section.

Earth Awakening Walkthrough is launched!
Earth Awakening Walkthrough is launched!

So do not hesitate to click on the Earth Awakening button in the upper menu or on the left. From now on you can call it up if you need some help, or if you're simply curious about the quests of the extension. You can find maps here as well - but alas, not everywhere, because of the lack of large maps in the underground areas.

Next step is to make all of you the "Master of the Game" and then only one thing will remain: to enjoy every information I provided you. :-)

Patch for Silverfall and Earth Awakening...
Patch for Silverfall and Earth Awakening for female charaters

I can present you with pleasure the long expected patch for the female characters in Silverfall and Earth Awakening extension.

This is a small correction for a missing text in the dialogue with Sylvo, the nature-sided blacksmith.

You can download them in the Downloads menu (there are two different dialogues for the basic game and for the extension!)!
And you can find there some more goodies! ;-)

Have fun girls! ;-)

Silverfall Walkthrough is finished!
Silverfall Walkthrought is finished at last!

Believe or not, I am finished with the Silverfall basic game's Walkthrough at last. You can follow all the quests on the completed list under "Silverfall" menu. For every town/city/area I attached a rendered map on which you can find all the important places and persons or quest goals.

I hope it helps you to play a lot easier the game if you cannot find something or you are lost. :-)

Now the next step is the Silverfall Earth Awakening Walkthrough - and I try not to do it for such a long time as this one.

Etherea's Library completed!
Etherea's Library is completed at last!

You can find a lot of useful information about the game and what's insde in the "Etherea's Library" menu...

BUT! Now come the real news! From now on you can see from time to time what's in the Silverfall menu, because I began to translate the WALKTHROUGH for the basic game as I promised!

So keep up and come back often!

Some new goodies
Etherea's Library is opening today!

I've put in some new goodies in Etherea's library. Now the menu is not full yet, but I'm working on it. Until then you can see what could be expected in that collection. And when I finish it...

I make the Unbreakable Oath (oops, it's another story), that the next I build up will be the walkthrough for Silverfall and then for S. Earth Awakening!!!

"Nelw" is ready
Dear All!

Next step was to make "Nelw" ready. Now you can read about every light info about the Realm and the features of the Game. Some historical part and system requirements is found in this menu.


Gallery - Albums uploaded
Hi Folks!

I began with the easiest part of the webpage. I filled up the Gallery. You can find uploaded all the albums on this page.

And please take a deep breath and register! I am sure some of you have interesting screenshots of the characters made in the game. Especially in Earth Awakening, where you can make individual armours and weapons.

So do not affraid to send in pictures you like others to see.

Filling up the site with content
The site soon be filled up with content. Now the work is a bit slow, because of the lack of time, but be patient folks!

I look up all days, so if you have any question, do not hesitate to registrate and post to our Forum! Make the Community alive! :-)

Soon there will be more shots in the gallery and all the content in Hungarian site will come here in English! So be ready to read and enjoy! :-)

Welcome to our site
Ardea (admin)


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10/05/2016 20:24
Happy everything to You as well! smiley

27/03/2016 07:49
Happy Easter for Everyone! >( : O)=

01/01/2016 08:50
And a Happy New Year! smiley

25/12/2015 07:32
I wish all of You Merry Christmas! smiley

26/11/2015 06:10
Dalek Zek, sorry for deleting you! Please try registration again! I wanted to activate you, but missed the button... smiley

08/11/2015 06:56
I will try to replace the crashed data tables with simple pages, in order to give you back the downloads items, as soon as I have time! Sorry for this!

16/01/2015 07:04
I have everything on my PC, but alas, the .php file was damaged and I didn't make a safety copy from it in time... So it might be, that it stays this way. smiley I'll try to make some solution for it, though I have little time now.

15/01/2015 22:44
Hello everyone and Happy new year smiley. I can't believe this page still exists smiley I think I might have some stuff from downloads section somewhere on my backup hdd.

25/12/2014 08:11
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for Everyone! :-)

29/11/2014 06:21
It seems that I have no back-up from the download section, but I have to check my other PC for it. It is terrible, I didn't recognize that it's collapsed until Prisma told it. Sorry for it guys! I try to do something, anyway.

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