Posted by Ardea on 11 24 2009

If I wouldn't be so highbrow, I would just copy the content I write for the Weapons. :-) In the game there are armours in an enormous number, which turn out to be modified by their level, quality and magical supports. There are also armours specified for nature or technology and to wear them the character should be loyal to the corresponding side. The best armours in the game demands up to 65% loyalty for an attitude. Therefore it is important to decide on which side you'd like to play the game already in the beginning, and you must stick to it consequently. Now I have to repeat myself though, since for all the armours there are six colour codes too:

WHITE:Ordinary, without magical support
YELLOW:Good quality, with 1-2 magical support
GREEN:Excellent quality, with 2-3 magical support
BLUE:Elite, with 3-5 magical support

Ultimate, with 4-6 magical support; all armours made by the player belongs to this type, if its completely enchanted


Unique, with 4-6 magical support, rarely found; if you put a named demon to an armour, it becomes unique type.

Magical support can be some kind of extra defence (e.g. fire or ice), or a chant that develops one or more of the character's attributes (e.g. + agility).

The description of the armours contains the following rows: Name of the armour, type, quality, defence offered, requirements of wearing, magical supports (if it has).

I set the following parts amongst the armature:
- Helmets
- Earrings
- Necklaces
- Backpacks
- Armours, Robes
- Gloves
- Shields
- Boots



Anadems, hats, open and closed helmets, plate helmets… These all can be listed here. A simple hat offers sometimes more defence than a closed helmet. There are funny hats, elegant diadem-like anadems amongst them, but there are brutal heavy plate helmets as well. There are ornamented or simplier ones, and helmets trimmed with thorns or other goodies. The matter is you have to wear and give to the companions the right helmet which supports mostly your/their attributes and styles.



This is a little bit cheaty. I listed them under the armature, because there are earrings that help the character, support its attributes or offer defence against something. However the most of them are useless, just simple earrings that could be sold for merchants at a good price.



Like above. Most of them are useless for the character, because they only have value in gold and you can sell them for a merchant at a good price. Those necklaces that have magical abilities, however offer strong support by giving magical power, agility, intelligence or even strength to the character. Always check if you find a necklace, whether it has special abilities useful for your characters.



This is one of the game's speciality. You can rarely find backpacks, therefore all of them mean great support for the characters. There are several different types, but three main types exist: Sword carrier/Master's Sword carrier, Banner/Master's Banner, Travel parchments. The first two usually increase strength and agility with a few or even more points, and the last one has a positive effect on the intelligence. Except of these are nature and technology backpacks (guess what is needed for wearing :-) ) but the support they offer usually the same as above. There are general backpacks that help the characters to find more magical items and - in the extension - more or higher quality materials. Note that they are very important in the extension, since there are a few quests where you have to give high quality materials to complete them.


Armours, Robes

You can find all from the simple Apprantice's Lumberjack's and Butcher's tunics and light robes to the heavy black and steam plate armours in the game. In the beginning of the adventures even a Lumberjack's tunic could come in handy, which will become ridiculous as you're wandering in the Mangrove marshes, but never underestimate these light clothes. Defend yourself with whatever you can find. The nature-type wooden armours and the technology-type pilot tunics and steam armours give the highest defence - but there are obviously different levels to them. The higher level is the character the better armours (and of course weapons) you can get from the chests, sandbags and enemies. If you find an armour which offers a little more defence than the one you actually wear, but the actual one has more magical support, then it isn't worth changing. You have to always consider in these cases, for example, whether it is worth giving up the +5 strength for a little more defence… Robes you can find mostly in the extension and nine times out of ten they offer higher intelligence, magical attacks and defence, while the other armours give more agility and strength. Their requirements for wearing is vary, but there is apparent coherence between the weight of an armour and the needed strength for example, or between the robes and the needed intelligence.



Here the gloves usually mean whole sleeves. From the shoulders to the wrist. There are also differences in terms of material, level and quality. You can find simple leather gloves, but later in the game labour implants might be found, which typically need technological attitude. The wooden armour gloves always require natural loyalty. Their requirements for wearing are not too high, strength or agility is generally needed for them and they support these attributes as well, or they may give extra magical damage/defence.



There are shields in several shapes and with different names, giving more or even more defence. Shields basically strengthen the armour and the defence (therefore listed here at the armours), but some of them offer other advantages, e.g. magical support or give more strength/agility. Obviously you can wear shield when you wield one-handed weapon. If you put a two-handed weapon into your character's hands then the shield gets back to the Inventory. For wearing they require almost nothing, only the needed loyalty could make some problem in a few cases.



Alias footwear. :-) Here is a big assortment as well, from the simple leather boots to the hard plate armour boots. In terms of footwear also the natural wooden armour and the black- and steam (technology) armour boots are the winners. For wearing there are quite less conditions are determined, generally level, strength or agility is needed. Intelligence rarely means basic condition for them, but they probably support the magical abilities, so they could come in handy too for the characters that reach these requirements. The point is you never let your characters run barefoot, because in the marshes the Tree dragon's splinter could get in their feet. :-)