Posted by Ardea on 12 16 2009

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Your main goal here to get to the elf village in the south-west corner of the map. I suggest you to take Danselame into you party. He can be found the middle-west area here.

The lost cartographer

Quest giver: Danselame
Type: companion

Danselame asks you to search for his former employer, a cartographer. Go to the quest sign and the cartographer turned out to be killed by the Mandrake Queen. Kill her and return to the elf. Danselame's willing to join you. (His major combat style is the berserker. Until you give him decent armour and weapons, he'll be dead quite frequently, because he always runs ahead. And he ROARS! When he first time got into battle, I almost got a heart-failure! :-) )

Help from the elves

Quest giver: Kara/Kaharon
Type: main quest

Enter the elf village. Talk to the elf leader. At first he and his people surround you threateningly, but once you give him the letter from Kara/Kaharon, he immediately steps back. He agrees with the conditions Kara/Kaharon offered, but he draws you attention that they won't be able to give much help with the Necrophage ravager roaming around along the way. Here in the village take up the quest from Elone (nature) or Hurgol (technology) too. Once the Necro ravager is dead return to Kara/Kaharon. (There is no need to talk to Oliyar again.)

Kill the necrophage

Quest giver: Oliyar, Head of the marsh elves
Type: main quest

If you are ready the next step is the Necrophage ravager. I suggest you to reach at least the 15th level or higher. If you didn't reach this level yet, you can slay the tree dragons for xp and some good stuff to develop you character and the equipment. So head for the Necrophage ravager (it looks like a giant fat ogre - but not like Shrek!) and try to avoid the zombies it spits at you. I suggest you the useful ice-hit-ice-hit trick. It doesn't need to hit so many times. Once it's dead, go back to Kara/Kaharon.

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Stone to rebuild Silverfall

Quest giver: Elona
Type: secondary quest (nature)

Elona is indignant at the destruction of the altar of nature. The stones of the altar are packed in crates and waiting for dragging away. She wants you to destroy the ten crates and from the stones inside should you lay down the new Silverfall's base. (Just between us you won't find any of these "stones", but there'll be some good stuff in them!) 15 nature points are your reward.

Delivery of a boat kit

Quest giver: Hurgol
Type: secondary quest (technology)

Hurgol is fed up with the marsh and the nature. He's terribly boring and wants to get away from here. Therefore he ordered a steamer building kit, but he didn't received it yet. He wants you to find the errand boy and get the delivery for him. Go to the sign where you'll find Chewat. Try to persuade him to give you the delivery in spite of the missing documents. If you choose the right answer, you'll have the delivery right away. Return to Hurgol with it and pack the reward and the 10 technology points.

The serious delivery boy

Quest giver: Chewat
Type: secondary quest (technology)

Referring to the previous quest, if you choose the other answer, then you have to get back to Hurgol and demand for the documents needed for the delivery. With the paper return to Chewat and now you can have the boat builder kit. Do as described above.

Avenge the altar's destruction

Quest giver: Beast-men shaman
Type: secondary quest (nature)

If you're roaming around in the marshes, do not forget about the shaman Salma mentioned in the Refugee Camp (if you are on nature's side). The shaman in exchange for his help will ask you to kill some Necroraiders. Complete the task and return to the shaman as soon as possible, who promises to plant trees which will clear Silverfall's waters. Once you've got his word, return to Salma for the reward.

A heavy-hearted elf

Quest giver: Portiz
Type: companion

After arriving from Silverfall (Click for "The orphan's return" quest) you discover that Portiz isn't welcome here at all, moreover he's forbidden the village. It turns out to be that he has fallen in love with the daughter of the head of marsh elves, which the leader really condemned. He tells Portiz that he should go away but the little goblin doesn't care about it at all. He just wants to see the girl. For this Oliyar adds the conditions that Portiz has to kill the werewolf roaming around outside the camp, who was an elf once but went completely crazy and now is killing the inhabitants. The place Oliyar sends you is really next to the village on the west (leave the village to north, then turn left and there he is). He's not a big shot. After you teach him a lesson, take his head to Oliyar. And here come the bad news! You discover that you all have been tricked! When giving the head to the leader the beloved girl appears. Then Oliyar tells her the truth, namely Portiz was the killer and with this he only approves the fact that Portiz is a monster. Then the girl confesses to her love for Portiz was only a "brotherly love" and she will never forgive this deed to the goblin. After she leaves Oliyar says the werewolf was Eloren, the true lover of her daughter and they already planned a wedding. He made Portiz to kill Eloren just to blacken the goblin. And at the same time he could do away with the disliked wooer. He killed two birds with one stone. Here you can react two ways. Your character remarks with sorrow that it is better this way, because the elves would never take in a goblin; or you can send the leader to hell. (We know the first version only, so if you know the aggressive way, please tell us!)