Flooded Ruins
Posted by Ardea on 12 16 2009

Destroy the origin of the zombies

Quest giver: Kara/Kaharon
Type: main quest

Kara/Kaharon complains about how many attacks were against the camp while you were away. Mainly zombies and vampires were the attackers. She/He sends you out again, this time to the Flooded Ruins, which place is located to south-west from the Refugee Camp. (If you discovered the Entrance on the way to the Elf village, you can just click on it on your map.) Go down there. Break into the cave and be prepared for a battle. I suggest you to reach the 18-20th level before get into this big fight. Because here you come across a Zombie Captain riding an Urguln. Kill the Urguln first, then the captain himself. After he falls you have to listen to his epilogue. Now return to Kara/Kaharon and report. She/He sends you ahead to Cloudworks while she/he does her/his , and after it she/he'll meet you there.

Note: In the Flooded Ruins will one of your companion (Danselame) address you at first time and with this conversation you can increase your attitude (nature/technology). And don't forget, here you can use only the mini-map in the upper right corner of the screen. The only help is the green arrow that shows the way to the main quest target. Try to follow it as it is possible, this is how you can get to the Zombie Captain the shortest way. If you don't watch the arrow, look for a path to north from the entrance (for example you start to the right then turn left and so on). It is a real labyrinth but if you're smart enough, you can get the point quite easy. The place is a plateau surrounded by high rock walls and many-many monsters. On the plateau you can find the Zombie Captain.