Posted by Ardea on 01 03 2010

The Sewers are crawling with enemies, mainly goblins o many kinds. Here you can pick up only one quest and if you complete it, go on the way out of the Sewers. After this little task you only have to focus on the numerous opponents strolling around in the passageways.
When entering the Sewers one o your companion will address you and you can be rude or friendly with him/her.

The founder's tomb

Quest giver: Archeologist
Type: secondary quest (reward)

To the left from the entrance there stands an archaeologist elf. He asks you to search through the Founder's tomb. This means that the founder of the city wished his body to be buried in the Sewers, because he thought this was the greatest structure of the city. You have to recover the founder's skull, so go and follow the green arrow to find it under the water. Take it back to the elf for a backpack.