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If you reach the upper end of the Sewers and exit, you find yourself in the lower city o Cloudworks. Perhaps you should start at the rat killer standing in the bottom of the stairs before you. Pick up his hunting quest. It is good idea to talk to Nob first and then collect as many tasks as you can.

Run into Birnard

Quest giver: Nob
Type: main quest

After drinking the alcohol Nob offers you a deal to let you in Upper Cloudworks. Make the goblins cease their strike. He gives you a document which you have to forward to Birnard, the leader of the worker's strike. Find him and hand over the agreement. You can clear this case in two ways: you can reply him "That what they told me" - this is the peaceful method to close the strike; or you can say loud to the other goblins, that with this strike Birnard only tried "to get rich on the worker's backs". In this case you have to fight with Birnard and all of the rebelling goblins. Return to Nob and he'll let you in Upper Cloudworks.

Go back to inform Nob

Quest giver: Birnard
Type: main quest

After talking to Birnard and quit the strike, return to Nob. He will let you in Upper Cloudworks, but from now on you can use the stairs to get out from and in to Cloudworks city.

The lord of Cloudworks

Quest giver: Nob
Type: main quest

When you ask Nob about the Archmage, he tells you, he saw a man who could be the Archmage, but he has made a lot of evil deeds. It is told that Kiar Urdo knows something about him and the lord of Cloudworks wants to see you anyway, so you must go and see him. Let's do it. If you pick up all the quests you want and solve them, jump up to Upper Cloudworks. This quest is completed when you enter Kiar Urdo's palace and talk to him.

Reward for the rat men

Quest giver: Rat killer
Type: secondary quest (reward)

The Rat killer is a goblin who pays you gold for every 10 killed werewolf rat men. This quest can be picked up as many times as you wish, but only those werewolf rat men count that are in the Sewers. It is worth picking up this task right as you arrive from the Sewers or before you go back there.

Rabbit potion

Quest giver: Garilda
Type: secondary quest (reward)

Garilda is a goblin who wants you to bring her 5 mushrooms called Red octopus from the Sewers. These mushrooms are found near the place where you picked up the founder's skull, just go ahead a little further in the water. All five mushrooms will be in one heap, only one of them is under the surface. Take them to Garilda for a strength point. (Follow the green arrow if you want to finish soon.)

A marriage in danger

Quest giver: Panix
Type: secondary quest (reward)

Panix asks you to retrieve his engagement ring from the thieving goblins living in the Sewers. Do it for some stuff.

The lost caravan

Quest giver: Teoussa
Type: secondary quest (reward)

Teoussa is a merchant who wants you to find her lost caravan. Go to the desert towards the quest sign, and when you've found the few caravan members and buffalos, escort them back to Teoussa SLOWLY for some gold and stuff. If you finished your business with Birnard, you can take them up on the ramps, since the gates of Cloudworks are open.

The workers aren't working any more

Quest giver: Chopit
Type: secondary quest (reward)

Chopit wants you to discover the root of the problems why the goblins are striking (not Birnard's goblins). Talk to their leader, Otentip; it turns out that they don't want to work any more, but leave the city free back to the nature. Decide which way you want to finish this quest. If you wish to increase the technological points, you have to kill the druid who incited the goblins to disaffection. Or if you're on nature's side, you'll have to destroy Chopit.

The supervisor must die in the name of Nature

Quest giver: Otentip
Type: secondary quest (nature)

After you speak to Otentip, you can agree with them and do what they think the solution is: kill Chopit. So kill the goblin and return to Otentip.

The druid must die in the name of Progress

Quest giver: Chopit
Type: secondary quest (technology)

If you are on technology's side, you have to persuade Otentip that nothing can stop the Progress, not even a nature-loving druid! You should kill the goblin shaman Grigritip, to make the rebellish goblins believe you. Go to south, destroy him and return first to Otentip, then to Chopit for a kind of reward.