Robot Factory
Posted by Ardea on 01 03 2010

What is Kara/Kaharon doing?

Quest giver: Lord Kiar Urdo
Type: main quest

When you return to Lord Urdo after speaking with Lady Zokor, you realize that Kara/Kaharon has disappeared. You ask Kiar Urdo whether he knows where she/he went. He sends you down to the Robot factory after the elf. Going down you meet a goblin, Badaud, who informs you about the entering to the tower. He tells you that only those can go inside the Robot factory, who know the access code, that means only one person: Globuk. Complete the given quest, then enter the factory. This place is a little bit mazzy, but following the arrow will help you much to get to Kara/Kaharon. When you see her/him with the Archmage, you'll make a conversation with the Death Shadow after which you have to fight him. After you destroy the Death Shadow, he will transfer himself to Kara/Kaharon and you can't help her/him.

The architect of the tower

Quest giver: Badaud
Type: main quest

Heading for the Robot factory you run into Badaud. He tells you that only Globuk the architect of the tower can enter the tower, but he's busy with running away from the "walking deads". This is how you get the quest. Now go down to the lower level and you'll see you won't be able to reach Globuk unless you break through the zombie trolls. If you clear the place, you can talk to Globuk and the goblin will let you in the tower.

The new Death Shadow

Quest giver: Kara/Kaharon
Type: main quest

You automatically get the quest after destroying the Death Shadow and you can complete it as well as you speak with Kara/Kaharon a little more. You promise to heal her/him and to find an antidote, but if you fail, you must kill her/him - this is asked by herself/himself. Then the body of the Archmage and Kara/Kaharon also disappears before you.

A messenger from Silverfall

Quest giver: Salma/Chalnuk
Type: main quest

When the two bodies disappeared, a herald runs in the scene, who was sent by Salma/Chalnuk. He asks you to return to Silverfall, because Salma/Chalnuk wants to see you. Here the game offers to enter the next map. Step into Silvefall to continue your adventures.