Abandoned mine
Posted by Ardea on 01 14 2010

A service for another

Quest giver: Khan of the beast-men clan
Type: main quest (nature)

This map is full of beast-men, rootlions and were-beasts and it's like a mazy labyrinth. Try to follow the arrow, but first turn left, then right and from here you can reach your goal "easier". Look for a nicely fashioned stone arch and go through it. You meet here the Khan of the beast-men clan. He asks you to kill a few zombies and bring him their captain's head in return for the water.

Go then! Go back and at the wooden bridge (where you can see a werelion elf, a werewolf-rat goblin and a rootlion) turn right. From here follow the left path, go ahead, then from the leftwards turning passage turn right. Here are some zombies already. Kill 10 of them and to the yellow big point. You'll find the Zombie Captain there. Destroy him and take its head to the Khan. Return to Gaian with the life water he gives you.

Fight for honour

Quest giver: Khan of the beast-men clan
Type: main quest (technology)

If you are loyal to the technology, the Khan will revolt against helping "your kind", but with a few nice words you can make him listen to your story. Then he figures out that you have nothing to give him in return for the water. Therefore you have to fight him. You have to accept the challenge and defeat him in a close combat. This quest is a lot more easier than the nature-type zombie hunting, but it is a bit sad in the end. When you get the life water from him, you can return to Gaian.