Posted by Ardea on 01 14 2010

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You main goal here is to reach the passage to the Camp of corrupt elves in the north. There are hordes of corrupt elves, minotauruses and buffalos here, so it takes time to break through the map.

A damsel in distress

Quest giver: Alina
Type: companion

Not far from the entering point from Gaian you'll meet Alina who is harassed by a group of corrupt elves. She claims that she has escaped from her wedding because her father wanted her to marry an old man. Therefore her father sent his men after her. Kill the corrupt elves and Alina will thank you a lot. If you have place in your group, Alina can join you as a great elementalist mage.

The lost hammer

Quest giver: Sylvo
Type: secondary quest (nature)

Do not forget to see Sylvo in this area if you are on nature's side and picked up the quest from Badaud in Silverfall. Sylvo, the nature-sided smith is only willing to go to Silverfall, if you retrieve his hammer which was stolen by some corrupt elves, because he refused to work for their prince. This hammer can be found in the Camp of corrupt elves as well in the middle region of that map. If you have the hammer and finished in the camp, return to Sylvo. This quest adds 10% to your loyalty to nature and you also get a decent weapon.


Quest giver: Danselame
Type: companion

You get this task when you step into the Forest after killing the Prince. Talk to Danselame, be patient and friendly with him and he will open his heart to you at last. It turns out that the person who banished Prince Dalaen, banish him too, therefore the elf wants to take revenge. He asks you to help him in this matter and if you assume to go with him, he finally chooses the side you are on (nature/technology). You'll have to go to the northern region of Greybay. Here you'll meet Dark Blade with whom Danselame will have a little chat. A treachery will come to light and it turns out that Danselame was only the fall guy. So the person who banished the Prince and Danselame was not the bad boy after all, but the Dark Blade. Now take your bloody vengeance on him and his men and consider this matter done.