Great Cemetery Wastelands
Posted by Ardea on 04 13 2010

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You can find this land north-east from Greybay. You can reach it by walking on a road to this direction. Enter this map and go towards the sign. This land is also crawling with every type of necroraider enemies. When you get to the garrison's walls, detour the building to the right and enter from south. Once you are in the garrison go to the north and there you can find a Necroraider captain. Defeat him and search through the body for the stone tablet. Now you are to discover Iznahel's Crypt which can be found in this map to the far north. Go there.

Free the blacksmith

Quest giver: Loke Iron
Type: secondary quest (technology)

You didn't forget about your business with the blacksmith, do you? You have to persuade him to go to Silverfall. When entering this map turn right immediately and head for south. Beaten path leads to the beach where you'll find the smith. You can't expect of course that Loke will go with you for the sake of your charming glare. But for the sake of ten necroraider's skulls he will! So let's collect them going to next door, to the Necroraider Inventor, and convince the smith that you can protect him, if you have to.

Visit to the cemetery

Quest giver: Tanya
Type: companion

When you reach the gate of the Great Cemetery Tanya will chat up you. She admits that her father was buried here and asks you to visit his tomb with her. Let's do it! If you get there, you can see a spirit flowing which is not hostile. They start talking right away. It turns out that Tanya accidentally killed her father during a hunt. If you are empathic with Tanya and tell her father that as the Governor of Silverfall and Egreid, you will clear her of the charges, you can gain Tanya's confidence once and for all (even if you are on nature's side!) and her father is able to rest in peace at last. (Daddy till leave a brutal riffle to his little daughter! Of course you can use it as well if you specialised to technical long-distance weapons.) Peace to his ashes. Let's go to Iznahel!

A slave's past

Quest giver: Alina
Type: companion

When you are to leave this map and enter Steelight Duchy, an elf woman appears with two of her henchmen. It turns out that in fact Alina was the "favourite one" for this slaver woman called Imolia, but Alina escaped from her. If you believe what Alina says, you'll have to protect the wizard girl and kill Imolia. After killing the slaver talk to Alina again. From now on she will be totally on your side in terms of attitude.
Please note that this quest only occurs if you play with a male character!