Steelight Duchy
Posted by Ardea on 04 13 2010

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Ah, the long-expected snowy world. You might find the passing through from Great Cemetery Wastelands to Steelight difficult, because there are only one or two passageways between these two maps. So for example go to the Garrison in Great Cemetery Wastlands. From south of here you can detour the big mountain to the right and turn left at the defile. Walk on the snowy path and head for Steelight. (You can see this passageway on the Great Cemetery Wasteland's map here! Look for the blue point!)

The Duchess judgement

Quest giver: Morka
Type: companion

This theme emerges before you enter the Duchess' Palace. If you have Morka with you, it is time her to admit why she's so gloomy. It turns out she had worked for the Duchess once and fought along with her brother, when the boy was poisoned in the battle. Morka couldn't save him and therefore she decided to study the healing so that this could never happen again. During she travelled to Silverfall. What the matter is she wants to make her fault good and she would like to ask for a task from the Duchess that she can carry out, and then the Duchess might forgive her. This quest is done when you speak about Morka with the Duchess.

Reward for ice elements

Quest giver: Hunter
Type: secondary (reward)

In Steelight there is also a Hunter. He wants you to kill 5 ice elements which are quite big monsters with ice protection and ice magic (e.g. frozing). Let's slash 'em for some gold coins. You can solve this task now or even at the end of the game when you'll have to descent to the Subterranean World. As these creatures which count in this task are found on the road that leads to its entrance. However it's worth finishing this quest and discovering the area around the Subterranean World's gate, because later you will be able simply jump there by clicking on the entrance on your map.

A Lady's keepsake

Quest giver: Fero
Type: secondary (reward)

Fero who stands near the palace is totally in love with the Duchess, and he asks you to steal something from her. Anything will do what reminds him to the lady, for example some kind of cloth. However you'll have to bring Fero Olinia's jewel that can be found behind the throne to her right (if you stand opposite to the Duchess). After you pick it up (it has no consequences) return to Fero for some gold coins.

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Kill the druid's creature

Quest giver: Greybay inhabitant
Type: main quest

When you return to this city after visiting Steelight Crypt by clicking on the teleportation point, a Greybay inhabitant will be standing beside you. Talk to him and he tells you that they've been attacked by the Beast-men. Leave the city to the west and head for south towards the sign along the lake. Don't be surprised if you come across odd enemies. And don't be so surprised even when you defeat the sweetie!

Find allies in Silverfall

Quest giver: Druids
Type: main quest

After you got rid of the creature they sent, the druids want to attack you, because they think the Death Shadow possessed you. If you can get a word in at last, tell them that the King of Koroziom, creator of the Death Shadow has killed Kara/Kaharon. You defeated the Shadow, but there is still a threat. You'll need further help and even Silverfall has to mobilized. So return to Salma/Chalnuk. When you talk to her/him you'll finish this quest.