Lozrun Labyrinth
Posted by Ardea on 04 13 2010

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Hordes of Lozruns are waiting for you here. If you find the linear route you can get to your goal in no time. If not, feel free to roam around collecting xp.

Speak to Veyra

Quest giver: Hob
Type: main quest

Chat up Hob and he'll send you to Veyra immediately. She's the mother of the child and can help more, since the child has disappeared. Speak to her to solve the quest.

The Lozrun territory

Quest giver: Veyra
Type: main quest

Veyra tells you that right after she arrived here with Ilio, he was kidnapped by the Lozruns and she doesn't know where they took him. No-one has return who ever tried to bring him back. Now it's up to YOU! This task is done when you speak to the King of Lozruns.

Fight the ice king

Quest giver: King of Lozruns
Type: main quest

When you ask about Ilio, the King of Lozruns will refuse to give you the child, instead you have to fight him. Defeat the monster and in the middle (after it smelts) you will find the child.

Bring back Ilio

Quest giver: -
Type: main quest

When you find the little kiddo, this quest emerges. It's all about returning to his mother.

Back to Steelight

Quest giver: Veyra
Type: main quest

Now that she has her child back, Veyra asks you to take the boy to Steelight, as there he can have a better life. She will come after him to nurse the little heir.