Snowy Forest
Posted by Ardea on 04 13 2010

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You can reach this place from the north-west region of Steelight Duchy. Quite curly is the route to the Steelight Crypt, but it's clean-cut. You can even step up a level on this journey, because this map is full of Lozruns and its varieties. You may come across even some Reapers as well... You might take up only one quest here and except for that you have no other goal than reaching the Crypt.

Kill the crazy lumberjacks

Quest giver: ? (his name is not displayed)
Type: secondary quest (reward)

This quest is buggy. And likely you can only take it up if you are on technology's side. When you get to the point at which you could detour the mountain to the right, go a little bit to the left (south-west). Here you can discover a Lumberjack village. If you approach the village from the south, at the entrance a frightened man will run to you. He tells you that after the dark cloud has passed by, half of the village got mad and attacked the others. Kill the hostile lumberjacks and return the guy. Since the quest is buggy - as I've said it before - theoretically you don't even get it (it doesn't appear in the Quest log), so you aren't able to fulfil it neither. If you have some solution for this, please send a comment!