Posted by Ardea on 04 13 2010

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Here happens the game's anagnorisis. You may discover the whole city if you wish, but you can just cross it to reach your goal right away. Though I was roaming in Blazis a while just to enjoy its atmosphere - it's great if you ask me. Its structure is similar to Silverfall's, but the glowing lava gives it a very different view.

Join your allies

Quest giver: -
Type: main quest

As you arise to the surface you get this quest in which you have to find your allies in the west. If you speak to Salma/Chalnuk, the quest ends.

Hint: you should get to your friends anyway before leaving Blazis for some reasons, because the entering point is near them. If you don't discover this narrow area (along the coast), you'll have to approach Blazis from Koroziom's Palace again!

Break through the barrage!

Quest giver: Salma/Chalnuk
Type: main quest

In order to catch the Dark King you have to break through the barrage which formed in the city. It is not easy because there are enemies wherever you look, but you must do it. So let's go and slash!

The element cathedral

Quest giver: Salma/Chalnuk
Type: main quest

The Dark King seems to try to awake the Devastating God in the Element Cathedral. That is the place you have to go to. The quest is done when you get to the Dark King, the Zombie Captain.