Element Cathedral
Posted by Ardea on 04 13 2010

There is only one thing to do here and this is the end. There are no general or common opponents, only the Death Shadow itself. It'll be a big Boss fight. When you enter the cathedral, no-one will stop you from catching Jokshirok - at last.


Quest giver: Jokshirok, Dark King of Koroziom, the Zombie Captain :-)
Type: main quest

When you approach to the Zombie Captain, you can listen to a strange dialogue (that is you find out that was a dialogue from the Quest log, because one cannot understand a word from the growling) in which turns out that you are late - as usual. The Nothingness is awaken and gets its first victim - the Zombie Captain. The Dark King this way sacrificed himself on the altar of his own foolishness. Here is the Nothingness itself, the Devastating God. Give it a kick in the face. If you get rid of it, the quest is done.

A new hope

Quest giver: Salma/Chalnuk
Type: main quest

After you defeated the incarnation of Nothingness Salma/Chalnuk arrives to the scene. She/He tells you that all of the enemies went to dust suddenly in front of one's eyes. When she/he is sure that you are all right, Salma/Chalnuk says you are the new King/Queen of Silverfall and Egreid. Your character's real work starts here, but you can rest a little, because the basic game ends now.