Silverfall (Earth Awakening)
Posted by Ardea on 10 20 2010

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After defeating the Death Shadow, you have to take the post of a ruler, so there are many tasks waiting for you right after you well fought a big boss enemy. You won't have time to rest. From Blazis return to Silverfall and begin your work as the Queen/King of Egreid.

The burden of responsibilites

Quest giver: Salma/Chalnuk
Type: main quest

When you return to Silverfall, this quest is activated. The main thing here is to visit Salma/Chalnuk and talk to her/him about the latest events and the tasks that are waiting for you.

The Necroraiders delegation

Quest giver: Salma/Chalnuk
Type: main quest

Salma/Chalnuk informs you about the arrival of a Necroraider Delegation, but she/he didn't let them into the town. Go and see what they want.

Return to the Steelight's crypt

Quest giver: Aquanadon
Type: main quest

When the tragedy happened and the waters turned to mud, you have to return to Silverfall and ask Aquanadon to help. He tells you that the water changing into mud could have only magical reason and this happened once already. Time always repeats itself, but there aren't any proof of that since the documents were destroyed when the Zombies attacked Silverfall. You should go to Etherea to where a ground portal leads, and this portal is only known by the deads. You certainly know only one dead person with whom you could speak, and that is Harois. Go to the Steelight crypt and talk to him.

Former comrades

Quest giver: Danselame
Type: companion

After you speak with Aquanadon, Danselame will chat up you. He tells you that he received a message from his former comrades. He would like to go and find out what they want. Lead the conversation as to go with him. Then visit Guedaen, go the signed place and talk to the Leader of mercenaries.

The altar of invocation

Quest giver: Inniada Nojes
Type: secondary quest

After returning to Silverfall from the Cannibal Jungle, you should speak with Inniada Nojes. He tells you that everything is all right, they explored the temple and brought the artifacts to Silverfall. But they have found an allusion to a cave in where they couldn't enter. One may get in there only if a text is called. This task is yours because according to the text "you should fight for reward and glory". If you finish in the Cannibal Jungle, you might visit that place as well. The Arena is on the Land of Dwarves (Beach).

Time travel

Quest giver: Salma/Chalnuk
Type: main quest

If you load the game after finishing the expansion, then you get this quest. When you speak with Salma/Chalnuk, you are informed about Aquanadon's invention, because he find a way how he can turn back time. If you wish to enjoy the adventures again with your current character, you may choose between returning to the Refugee Camp, or to the beginning of the "Earth Awakening"-story. If you choose to go back in time, you'll be asked whether your character's level should be reduced - just to make the game exciting - or not. In case of "yes", you can select from four different difficulty level. After you decide, you can start the game - again.