High Yaalta
Posted by Ardea on 10 20 2010

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In High Yaalta you have things to be done mainly in the beginning of the game. The plain is going to be the scene for a war between Bark Panthers and Coal Clash Clan. There will be enemies wherever you look, every kind of nature and technology monsters and people - and they will be hostile regardless on which site you are. If you ever feel the lack of experience points, just come back here and slash creatures as many as you like.

The Yaalta camp

Quest giver: Gor Tak
Type: main quest

While you're talking with Von Skromel, a herald, Gor Tak runs to you. He tells you that Yaalta's assaulted by the Bark Panther Tribe when the Coal Clash Clan advanced on the plateau. You have to assist Commander Churuk, who is unable to handle this situation only with the means of diplomacy.

Listening to the little people

Quest giver: Churuk
Type: main quest

Before you make order between the two raced, jump in the village of Disttroy and talk to Meliwik about the secret weapon of the Coal Clash Clan.

Act for the balance

Quest giver: Icolass Huloss
Type: secondary quest (reward, nature)

As you enter the Yaalta Camp, on the right side of the bridge, opposite to Churuk, stands a soldier. He was once a nature-fan and now he worries because of the air pollution made by the tanks of Coal Clash Clan. You'll have to destroy 10 goblin tanks to ease his worries. This is some kind of hunter quest, so you can except it as many times as you wish and you gain each time 5% for nature attitude. If you had enough of this task, simply tell the soldier to ask Churuk for help. And any time you make yourself lose some nature points, you may take up this quest again.

Kidnapping or betrayal

Quest giver: Dril
Type: Companion

When you defeat the secret weapon, Dril finds out that the creator was her former professor. She asks you to investigate this case, because she can't believe her master could do such an abomination. Therefore after finishing in the Bunker go to the old house of the professor. Drill completely goes upset on the disappearing of her beloved master, because you find the shack empty, but surrounded by lots of enemies. It seems the scholar was kidnapped, so head back into the Bunder, where you must discover a secret room. You didn't realize that place before, just because it's "secret". (The exact entering point is described in the Bunker section.)

The evil seed is spreading...

Quest giver: Churuk
Type: main quest

After you can hardly destroy the devilish machine of Coal Clash Clan, and tell the good news to Churuk, he answers you hesitating and admits that he was led by the nose by the Bark Panthers. They sowed the seeds of discord, which led to a war, meanwhile they summoned a huge bramble. So let's go on, head for south.

The Silverfall mud

Quest giver: Churuk
Type: main quest

When you return to Churuk with the information you're killed the Brumble and pierced through its heart, he thanks you and comes out with another problem right away. While you were away, the water of the river changed to mud. There must be a reason for that, but this time you want to ask for help from the High Priest of Water Aquanadon in this matter. Go to Silverfall, to the Element Cathedral.