Posted by Ardea on 10 20 2010

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The little town lies north-east from Yaalta Camp, only for a distance of a stone-cast.

The secret threat made of bolts

Quest giver: Meliwik
Type: main quest

Meliwik tells you that he saw the secret weapon of the Coal Clash Clan recently with his own eyes, that is a tank, which is horrible, terrible, threatening etc. You have to enter the Bunker to destroy that thing there before it comes out again. After that you'll have to return to Churuk.

Help Mastok the smith

Quest giver: Mastok
Type: secondary quest (reward)

Mastok complains about his useless hammer he has to work with, because his legendary smith hammer was stolen by his son just to show it to his friends. Go after him and retrieve this Legendray hammer. Your reward will be that Mastok will exchange the materials half of the normal price for you.

Defend technology

Quest giver: Aris Tote
Type: secondary quest (technology)

Your task is to destroy the nature patrollers who are raiding the villages. You'll have to kill the Chief of Bark Panther Patrollers to make the goblin pleased. Your reward will be 5 technology points.

Help technology

Quest giver: Archimede
Type: secondary quest (reward, technology)

The nature-lover fanatic troops are always repining and harassing the people. Archimede thinks if you kill 10 of their EcoGuards, their enthusiasm will break down and they'll finish their activities. This is some kind of "hunter quest", so you can take it up as many times as you wish. You gain each time 5% for your technological attitude. If you had enough of this task, simply tell him to ask Churuk for help. And any time you make yourself lose some tech points, you may take up this quest again.

Investigate the disappearance of Biwin

Quest giver: Boliwak
Type: secondary quest (technology/nature)

Boliwak is a technologist inventor whose daughter was kidnapped by a nature-sided troll named Letloy. He asks you to bring her back, then you'll get a reward. If you are on technology's side, you'll be able to by the know-how of the boiler working without fuel. If you are nature-lover, he wants to give you only a few coins, but is you choose to bring home the girl, you can ask him to finish his invention immediately. This quest is finished when you talk to Zaraden, grandfather of Letloy. You bring back Biwin, you'll get 10% for technology.

Dances with Buffaloes

Quest giver: Morfaloo Bill
Type: secondary quest (reward)

Morfaloo Bill complains you about that he only has two buffaloes left because they die of famine or if he takes them to the only pasture, they become victims of snipers. Your task is to kill 10 snipers for the peace of the buffaloes. You'll find exactly that much if you discover the whole territory of the Bunker. The Expert snipers are standing in corners or in the ends of corridors usually surrounded by many other warriors. On the mini-map a green point shows the last Expert sniper in the far end of the Bunker, but this quest only ends if you kill all 10 of them (so it's not enough to reach that point).

The defences of technology

Quest giver: Davin Cicode
Type: secondary quest (reward)

This guy turns out to be an inventor and he was heading to Silverfall to strengthen the defence of the city. He asks you to kill a Goblin Zanper and bring its components to him. He knows now from which component what could be made and that would be great help for the Silverfall guards.
Davin Cicode can be found not far from Guedaen, on the other side of the river (see the map of Low Yaalta, No. 10).