Silverfall - the Game
Posted by Ardea on 11 18 2009

Sicence or Nature

The world of Nelw has been, since the invention of the steam machine, divided into two opposing philosophies: the supporters of nature and the supporters of science. And the moment has come where everyone must choose a camp.

The way of Technology focuses on progress; they master steam, electricity, flying machines and alchemy, but tend to seriously neglect their environment. The progress that is made hinges on nature.

The way of Nature preaches a return to the earth and ancient animist traditions. All forms of technology should be destroyed since they are harmful. Communion with the environment and respect of the balance of nature is fundamental. But this harmony with nature includes no notion of progress.

While at the beginning of the game the player belongs to one of the neutral factions, you will have to choose a side during your adventures. Numerous secondary quests, as well as numerous dialogues and path items (leaf or cog) will allow you to earn loyalty points for one side or the other.


Silverfall PC

Silverfall is an immense, intensely paced role-playing/action game within an amazing universe. In a kingdom where nature and technology are opposed, the forces of evil seize magic places in order to take over their power.

Incarnate a hero and progress in a fantastic adventure full of numerous quests. Explore a fantasy world and discover an innovative magic environment. Get ready to face countless terrifying creatures and formidable bosses that inhabit the lands of the Nelw kingdom. Develop more than 130 spells and skills and surround yourself with the best companions to become the hero who will combat the coming of the Order of Nothingness.

Create and customize your hero (face, sex, skin, hair…) from among 4 available races (human, elf, goblin and troll).

Make your hero advance freely, without class limits and with more than 130 available skills and magic spells.

Face more than 100 types of creatures and bosses.

Freely explore a stunning and immense Heroic Fantasy world! From the floating city of Cloudworks, to the volcanic scenery of the city of Blazis, discover never before seen magic places.

Nature or Technology? Your choices during the quests can influence the world.

Build your team! To complete your quests you can get help from 2 companions.

Playable with up to 8 players in multiplayer mode through a LAN connection and on the Internet, with cooperative play or PvP


Nature or Technology?

To win, the player must take sides between the two great powers that share the world today: nature and technology. Throughout his adventure and during each quest, the player will be able to make choices leading to one way or the other. The choices influence the game in several ways:

Recruitment of different allies for the final battle. The goblins of Cloudworks will help you if you choose technology, the Beast-men of Gaian if you select nature.

Different weapons and armour have an influence on the battles and the visual aspect of the player.

Two separate skill trees each provide 10 special talents (lycanthropy or implant, insect invocations or radioactivity..). These skills are not offered to the player choosing the opposite way. A player who has the skill of lycanthropy instead of having implants will not fight in the same manner. Lycanthropy increases the player's force and speed of combat and gives him the "berserk" capacity. It is very interesting for players who have not developed their physical skills very much as this allows them occasionally to be very effective in melee combat. The implants, when received, provide specific skill bonuses. For example, a mechanical arm will provide bonuses in long distance precision shooting and the possibility of using firearms.

Modification of Silverfall, the principal city, according to the player's alignment. The city changes in appearance, the merchants do not sell the same merchandise, etc...

In Silverfall, a whole trove of skills is unlocked (gradually according the player's progression) that is inaccessible by choosing the other way (but which can be replayed in that way, as well).

Companions and gameplay

The companions are comrades-in-arms who help the player more or less efficiently in the quest. Their effectiveness is directly bound to the relationship gauge between the player and his companion. The higher the gauge the more effective the companion is in combat. The player therefore should build good relationships with his companions during the quest and dialogues. The diversity of these companions and their assertive personalities can make managing these relationships quite demanding.

Numerous secondary quests are also directly related to the player's companions, thus allowing more depth to be added to the game. A new companion will provide new quests. An extremely dedicated companion will provide more quests than an indifferent one.

The more the companion complements the strengths and weakness of the player the higher the possibilities of success. You can also impose an "attitude" on your companion in the beginning of combat (attack, defence, neutral, stay ready, etc.). The personality of the companion, his skills and attributes, the customisation of his behaviour, and his effectiveness varying according to the type of relationship are some of the ways variety enters into the combat.

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