Steelight Crypt (Earth Awakening)
Posted by Ardea on 10 21 2010

There isn't much to do. If you have Danselame with you and you've been to Guedaen after Silverfall, the you have to finish his quest here. You know the way to Harois from the basic story. If you play only with the extension, follow the arrow on the mini-map. From the entrance turn right, go ahead a long way, and in the end of the halls go down on the stairs to the left.

The trap

Quest giver: Danselame
Type: companion

As you speak with the Necroraider that was waiting for you in the crypt, it turns out that this request was a trap. You have to kill the 4 necroraiders near you. When you've done, you may return to Guedaen to give the former comrades a beating. (You can do this after finishing in the Crypt.)

Save the Crypt

Quest giver: Harois
Type: main quest

After you fight your way through the hordes of necroraieder the crypt crawl with, and almost reach Harois, three necories run to you. The Necroraider Pyrotechnist will chat up you and tell you they're going to destroy the Crypt so that no-one could get Harois' knowledge. Get rid of this bigmouth and you're done.

Cannibal jungle

Quest giver: Harois
Type: main quest

For entering Etherea there is a portal in the Cannibal jungle. There is a glade with a temple on the edge, but only Lorissa, Harois' former companion knows the way how to enter the holy place. Now you have to go to the Cannibal jungle. This quest is finished when you enter the Forgotten Temple and search through the skeleton laying on the floor opposite to the entrance.