Forgotten Temple
Posted by Ardea on 10 21 2010

It is a place that has its own atmosphere, but it could be quite complicated if one starts from the wrong direction. You can find a route that I think the most simple and quickest to get to your goal below as a part of the next quest.

The great holy serpent

Quest giver: Lorissa's skeleton
Type: main quest

After searching through Lorissa's skeleton and either you read through her journal or jump to the last page, you'll get to know that the passage to Etherea is blocked by a guard. You have to find the Holy Guardian and confront him.

Note: if you don't want to stroll too much, then go down two levels from the entrance, and turn right there. You can go left as well, but it will be longer. However, you can reach the lowest level only from this way. Now go along the lowest and farthest corridor following the yellow arrow (on mini-map).

Shortest route: from the entrance 2 levels downwards - turn right - turn left (long straight) - left on the corner (now it's a little big zig-zag, but don't have to turn anywhere) - when the yellow arrow shows absolute right, go down the stairs and you are there.

Traps: avoid the hummocks with holes (metal spikes jump out - piercing trap) or the plain hummocks near monkey statues on the wall with open mouths (stepping stones activating the fire traps).

The invasion of Etherea

Quest giver: -
Type: main quest

After defeating the Holy Guardian you get this quest. The main thing is to fight yourself through the besieged city. Of course to reach the city first you must step through the portal.