The Crystal Forest
Posted by Ardea on 10 21 2010

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There isn't much to do here, either. You can rather hunt a lot, because this area is swarming with Crystal homunculus and Crystal spirits. They are sweet creatures - until they attack you - that are green crystals living and rolling all over the Crystal Forest. Apart from the main quest you don't have to do anything else than verify the prophecy and face the "big, ugly, evil creature".

The way to the Nexus

Quest giver: -
Type: main quest

After defeating the giant Crytstal spirit, you almost get your hands on the little crystal key. Then Vons Skromel appears suddenly and snatches it before your nose. Your task will be from now on to follow him and track him down. First of all you'll have to travel to the village of the Lizard-men in the far north and talk to the Druid standing before the huge barrier.


Quest giver: Sticzky
Type: secondary quest

When you slay the Nameless Atrocity Sticzky said about, it drops Zemiad, the Life Demon. Collect it together with the other things, then use is as you wish.