Posted by Ardea on 11 18 2009

Once enemies, the four dominant races are today capable of coexisting, sometimes in close cooperation. The majority of the kingdoms are dominated by a race, but certain ones are comprised of a combination of different races more or less accustomed to living together.


The humans are similar to those of our world. All of them are as skilled with magic as with arms and adapt faster to their environment and to knowledge than the others.


The elves are smaller and frailer than the humans. Inherently magical, they are particularly gifted not only with the ability to cast magic spells but are also formidable archers.


The Trolls are large and strong creatures with projecting jaws and pronounced builds. They are without contest the best and most powerful combatants of Nelw.


The goblins have a greenish hue and are quite small. Their apparent weakness is nevertheless compensated by an incredible dexterity and great intelligence. They are without any doubt the best technicians of Nelw.


These stubby little creatures have more luck than anyone else. Their muscles are not so bond, therefore they have more chance to hit critical or dodge. Since they are much shorter than other races and have sharper eyes, they can discover the most rarely found materials and magical items more frequently than others.


Lizard-men are incredibly slippy and agile creatures. They are masters of close combat, because they know the weak points of the body very well. Thus they can take advantade of their enemies weaknesses.