Posted by Ardea on 11 18 2009

In this game you can find a broad range of weapons. Really. If you cannot find satisfactory the basic weapon range containing hundreds of items, they still have different levels, quality marks and magical supports. There are six colour codes used for all weapons:

WHITE:Ordinary, without magical support
YELLOW:Good quality, with 1-2 magical support
GREEN:Excellent quality, with 2-3 magical support
BLUE:Elite, with 3-5 magical support

Ultimate, with 4-6 magical support; all weapons made by the player belongs to this type, if its completely enchanted


Unique, with 4-6 magical support, rarely found; if you put a named demon to a weapon, it becomes unique type.

Magical support can be some kind of extra damage (e.g. fire or ice), or a chant that develops one or more of the character's attributes (e.g. + agility).

The description of the weapons contains the following rows: Name of weapon, type, quality, damage made, requirements of wearing, attacking speed (and range in case of long-range w.) and magical supports (if it has).

The nature or technology type weapons consistently can be equipped only the corresponding attitude. Among others this is why you have to choose side and stick to it, since the best weapons in the game can be equipped up to 65% loyalty.

Weapons can be assorted the following categories:
- Hand weapons
- One handed weapons
- Two handed weapons
- Bows
- Crossbows
- Firearms


Hand weapons

Hand weapons are typically the weakest but fastest weapons in the game. They perfectly fit for their purpose - namely to slash with them on an outstanding high speed. They are like an addition to the arm, quite little strength is enough for wearing, but to use it properly, very high level of agility is needed.


One handed weapons

Swords, axes, daggers etc. These make less damage, but you can attack faster and easier. You can hit critical more often, because less strength is needed to wield them. Requirements of wearing - if there is any - generally are bond to agility or character level.


Two handed weapons

Great swords, great axes, halberds, lances, hammers etc. These make higher damage, but their attacking speed is normal or slow. The heavier weapons make assault damage but the chance to hit critical is lower and you can swing it slower. With not so heavy two handed items you have a bit greater chance for critical hits and can swing it with normal speed. To use these items you need more strength or higher intelligence.



Long-range weapons. Their attacking speed is usually fast or normal, to use more serious bows you need high level of agility. Most of them have an attacking range of 12.



Long-range weapons. Their attacking speed is usually slow, rarely normal. They make great damage (these are the strongest long-range weapons), but with them there is little chance for critical hits. For shooting usually an attacking range of 10 is needed, which is a great handicap because of their low speed, since once you shoot the enemy, it will begin to approach. The 10-unit attacking range is too little to shoot the enemy more than 2-3 times.



Long-range weapons, achievements of the technology. They require almost always technological attitude and often a certain level of agility. They are moderately strong long-range weapons, stronger than bows, weaker than crossbows, but their damage spectrum is minimal (between the min. and max. damage they make there is little difference), which makes it more reliable. You can shoot relatively fast and you have an attacking range of 14. So these are the best long-range weapons in the game.