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Picking upon the beasts of Nelw...



A true gem of goblin know-how, the Arachnoid is fully dedicated to combat. Comfortably installed in his seat, the goblin pilots the six feet of this monster made of wood and steel. The two feet situated at the front end with sharp scythes, and a "discus" allows the hurling of cutting discs on his adversaries. Its handling is difficult, but the damage it inflicts on enemies is considerable.


Commonly called "Water Dragons", the Urgulns are large creatures equipped with dragon wings. Their tails end with a point which few arms and shields can resist. Their mouths and claws are both quite formidable, especially if they come sufficiently near their prey by propelling themselves with their powerful hind legs.

Necro canon

A humanoid body in the midst of which a powder cannon has been grafted. It has powerful legs to hold it all up and above all to take the hit when the shots fly. This is a powerful enemy who will not wait to see you on a ship before trying to lay into you tooth and nail.

Laughing Goblin

Is it still a goblin? Is it a machine? This mass of goblin corpses possesses long mechanical joints assembled with the extremities of other, more massive races, thus giving a presence of height and breadth markedly greater than its original build.

Mandrake Fairies

Also called the sirens of putrefaction, these fundamentally carnivorous creatures have only one idea on their minds: to eat anything that is living. Their voracity is legendary and even the most hardened warriors cannot repress a shiver if one speaks about them. They can be found essentially in swampy regions and humid zones.

Dark Elves

Originally, the elves are the protectors and sages of nature. Their knowledge and sensibility made them the most refined of its representatives. At the time when the story takes place, some of them seem to have changed radically: they gradually abandon their former customs, turn away from the paths of nature and seem even to change physically. Their aggressiveness has also increased considerably.


Being allied with nature, they mainly occupy the plains and forests of Nelw. Their way of living in harmony with nature allows them to communicate with the animals who are around them, and the teaching of the Shamans has made them vegetarians. It is generally against the henchmen of technology that their savagery rages.

Necro brain

Another beings from the necroraiders. You can encounter them at Greybay first. They are terrifying collections of body parts, like heads of a goblin, an elf and a human. The human's head serves as a "weapon" besides the big saber in its another hand. They run fast with their animal-like legs and have preserving potion in their "stomach", which gives them longer life. They are primarily melee combat fighters.


Or Piggy if you like it more than that. Or little wild boar. Usually they are roaming about wide grassy plains looking for insects and other goodies. They are totally peaceful cute little creatures, but if you attack them, they run away screaming-snarling like they've never been there.

Bark Panter Minotaur
They are beings created by the nature worshipper Bark Panthers. They look like crossing of a giant Panther and the well-known Minotaur. They fight like Minotaurs do as well. They are fast, have great strength and high HP. They use all their body when attacking. Hit with their claws and kick with their legs. Try your luck, but be prepared!

They are powerful and terrifying - but not immortal :-) - creatures. They fight like other werbeasts - so with they strong claws and long - and strong - legs. In the south of Nelw live a new variant of them that is resistant to fire and also modified their skins to melt into the environment.

Werewolf tattoo
Big brother of the little one. Tattoos dig out themselves from the earth and roaming over the red soil of the Land of Lizard-men. The werewolf tattoos have the digger claws of their original race, but they are much bigger than the cute little creatures. They're agile and hit "below the belt".

Werewolf crocodile
Their fighting style is not unique, but along with their strong, long arms and claws and kicking legs, they have a huge mouth full of razorsharp teeth. If you dare to attack them, beware of their heads, since they can cause a lot of damage you might even not think of.


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