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During the adventures you can hire companions who accompany you in the battles and more or less entertain you along the journey. Each companion has his/her own character, attributes, attitude or aptitudes. Meanwhile you travel through the world they speak to you and through some of the dialogs you can increase the loyalty to your chosen side. Sometimes they ask you to help them solve their problems and if you do help, their bonds to you will be stronger. This can be seen in how he/she sees the question of "nature or technology" (that is, you have an influence to their loyalty too, which is good when you want to give them better armours or weapons) or in their emotional fixation to you what you can feel mainly in the dialogs. This means in the case of opposite genders - if you affect it that way - a gently love affair could emerge for example.

Important thing is to learn the Resurrection if you don't want to travel alone, because you will need it when during a battle your companion(s) is/are killed.

Simultaneously you can have only two companions, so if you wish to hire a new face, you have to say good-bye the "older one". But it's not worth changing fellow travellers often, because they won't have the time to get to know you and won't tell their life, thus they won't take you into their confidence. This way you won't get the quest(s) offered by them. Below you can find the description of the characters you can hire in the game. From the little stories and infos below you may even choose with whom you like to travel in Nelw.

Altogether there are eight accomplices you can come across. However you can get closer with only seven of them. Because depending on you attitude either Hulart or Sir Gort will avoid joining to you. Let's see then the potential companions...


She is the first with whom you meet - whether you'd like to or not, you could say. Morka the healer troll stands in the Refugee Camp few steps further from the starting point, sunken in herself, "half mad". If you pity her enough, you can heal her with the help of Lissae and three red mushrooms. After that she's willing to join and come along but she'll be in depression all the time. From this dark mood you can only extricate her in Steelight Duchy, when Duchess Olinia is willing to excuse her if you complete a quest for the Duchess.
Story of Life: In a fight Morka couldn't defend the little brother of Duchess Olinia and the boy was poisoned. After that Morka has sunken in herself. For such thing won't ever happen again she went to Silverfall to learn all about the healing. When she has all the desired knowledge and she was to call for an apology for her mistake in the past, Silverfall was suddenly ambushed. During the battle a curse hit her and this was the moment from what she became in such a "half mad" condition in which she has forgotten everything but her name.
Character: Morka is basically good in magic. She knows a lot about healing, but she isn't bad at long-range attack (frost magic) either. Don't persuade her in close combat fights, because she will be unable to defend nor you neither herself. She is let's say... a "silent partner" along the journey. Provide her weapons that support her healing activities, magical damage, and armours that also help her in healing or increase her intelligence.


The second optional companion. You can hire him in the Mangrove. Danselame the elf mercenary wants you to find the lost cartographer, his former employer. If you're willing to get to the corpse, Danselame will join you if you wish. Though he's everything but a "silent partner"! :-) He's perfectly impartial or even sceptic being on an elf! He doesn't believe in the nature's law nor doesn't accept the technology's achievements. Totally outsider. You can persuade him as much as you wish, he will only take a side when you help him to complete the quest he gives you in GreyBay.
Story of Life: Danselame was an elf warrior in Prince Dalaen's army. He was a good and loyal fighter until he was betrayed. Because of this fault Dalaen and his soldiers were banished to the far end of Nelw. After he realised that Prince Dalaen doesn't need his service any more, ha became a mercenary, for he had to survive somehow. He left the Prince's army and so he reached Mangrove. His bond to their comrades will show up again in the extension, if you keep him as a companion.
Character: he is basically a close combat fighter. His favourite is the berserking style in combination with Fire Blood. If you get fed up with his roaring, just let him get killed, and take his body with you. Aahh, at least some silence. :-) He loves fighting - or let's say slashing - with a pair of hand weapons, therefore it is better to give him two strong one handed weapons or a strong one handed weapon and a shield providing him great defence. Try to make a strategy in which you freeze the opponent before you hit it and it won't kill Danselame by the time you reach it.


The third optional companion. You can find Dril the goblin healer in Cloudworks standing in the docks. She laments over failing her mecalchemy exam if she couldn't get somehow the list of questions. If you help her solve this problem, she will be happy to join you. The green Smarty proves to be incredibly optimist and great sense of humour. She is a bit didactic, and always has a few words about everything - which in a point of view is very useful to you. Her eagerness is honourable and if you praise her once or twice, she will take your attitude in no time.
Story of Life: Dril was born in GreyBay as a child for an owner of a big factory. In her family everyone treated well with the machines, but she has been never interested in those. Machines didn't attracted her attention but the healing and magic did. Therefore the others always hurt and chaffed her, until one day she left her home. She decided to prove to her family that she is able to learn everything as well. Of course this isn't so easy but you meet her in this state of mind in Cloudworks. Later you can be eyewitness how she makes peace with her family, as she (with your help of course) saves them from the necroraiders' attack.
Character: she stays in the back if there is a fight and heals immediately if it is needed. Normally she often talks to you and gives a whole lot of information. She's optimist, and makes joke of everything - sometimes you dash the grim away from her face, if the situation is too dark to be happy. For she is a healer, in terms of weapons and armours apply the same as in Morka's case.


The forth potential companion. Tanya the sharpshooter girl can be picked up - if you need her - in Cloudworks Desert, south from the city. She's willing to join after you defeat one of her fighter. Then she gives up the bandit life once and for all - as she promised to do if you win the fight. Her gang spreads and she's waiting to be one of your team. She's assured and seems to be tough and perhaps she could be alike. Her attitude is 100% technological at the moment you meet her and she takes lightly all the danger. But deep in her soul there is great sorrow and she is smitten with remorse...
Story of Life: in her childhood she taught shooting from her father. They loved each other very much and her father took Tanya with him everywhere. Once she took part on a hunting. She was only a little child, but a trained shooter. The trouble happened though. They walked in the forest with low visibility and the father appeared suddenly before her. Tanya thought it was an animal and shot him. That's how she killed her father accidentally. She was scared from what she did and ran away. She began hiding and headed to the bandits. She became a bandit herself, but she always watched out not to kill anyone! They robbed the people and left them go away. Later in the game, when she turns out to be "innocent", you can give her amnesty so that her father can rest in peace in his grave and she doesn't have to abscond from the law.
Character: she works in the background and she's really effective. Her favourite is the firearm which she handles like a master. She's able in all kind of battles, just a little loud. Provide her good guns - however, the firearm her father bequeaths to Tanya easily turns out to be the best firearm in the game! Give her armours supporting her with more agility, or stuff that lend her extra magical damage.


The fifth potential companion. Portiz the goblin archer will couch behind a bush in Gaian, you can find him only if you have sharp eyes. The fact is that you can't call him out from there until you don't recover him his clothes from the rear of the Druid Circle. The day before he drunk a bit too much - probably because of disappointment in love which you will discover later in the game - and left his clothes somewhere else. Let's say if you give him "the power of the clothes", he could be a useful fellow traveller. He is like a half elf - half goblin, but rather elf and that is not just because of his master skill in archery. His soul is poetic enough and his speech is a bit airy. He's easy accessible because one can convince him in no time.
Story of Life: Portiz was a foundling, and against he's being a goblin, elves nursed him. The certain foster-home was not other than the Elf village you get to know in the basic game. You can learn about his early ages when he asks you to return there. His past is reviled and he turned out to be in love with the daughter of Oliyar the Head of the Marsh Elves. The elves beat him off but he's not the type that gives up that easily (goblin blood!). Although the leader isn't so innocent kind as well. With a catch Oliyar persuades his daughter to get to hate Portiz, who was loved as a brother by her, and at the same time get rid of the actual lover of his daughter's. After this tragedy Portiz will be a "heart-sick lover", but don't give up, there will be another chance to counterpoint.
Character: he also works in the background. Great archer, he's like a silent sharpshooter. Since you get in direct touch with the enemies, they don't even look at him, so his effectiveness is much greater. If you decide to use Portiz as a comrade, always give him the best bows, or if you came across with one before you meet him, you should store it in your Inventory. Give him armours which increase his range-weapon skills and agility. Especially if they provide extra magical damage.


He's the sixth potential comrade. Hulart is a nature-sided druid (what else could be a druid? :-) ) He's a - let's say - bighead, a bit ambidextrous and mentally disturbed. First he leave the village, namely Gaian, to live a hermit's life - and keeps imaging about he'll open a school and get many novices. When time comes up and you find him, he shows himself a martyr and claims that he can't go back to town, because he vowed not to and bla-bla... But "if you want so much", you can redeem the oath he took to Mother Nature, which would not too bad anyway, for there is little food and cold nights in the forests. If you kill the monster for him in the Druid Circle, he appears in front of you immediately. So much for his dignified reclusive life.
Story of Life: I don't know much about his life, but one of the fans promised meg to give a description of it.
Character: being a druid he likely uses summoning magic, but I don't know exactly, because didn't take him with me as a comrade. Though that is for sure he calls you his "dearest student" all the time. Obviously in terms of armours and weapons it is worth giving him the ones that increase his intelligence and - they're surely hard to find - summoning skills.


The sixth/seventh optional companion. That is because if you've chosen nature to follow, she's the seventh potential comrade you can hire in the game. But if your loyalty is for technology, you can't even meet Hulart, thus the next companion you come across is Alina. Alina the elf magician girl - who could be hired at the beginning of the road goes through the Forest (from Gaian) - is like a fury in case of battle. If you just travel in peace she's like a chattery little girl. Apart from that she's stubborn, doesn't trust anyone, always smells trap, is constantly vigilant and ready to fight.
Story of Life: Alina has been kidnapped as a baby. She can hardly remember anything from her childhood, but she grew up to a powerful magician in her new "family". When you meet her in the Forest she's very upset and afraid at the same time. She's surrounded by corrupt elves. She claims that the corrupt elves were sent after her by her father, because she has escaped from her wedding. After you save her, she's gladly willing to join to you party. Later in the game you have to save her again from the real person she tried to flee from - a slaver woman. Then she won't talk much until you reach Etherea in Earth Awakening. There you can find out that she is the lost child of one of the most powerful magician couple in Etherea. Alas, they were killed in the desperate battle against the necroraiders. After Alina has taken revenge for their death on the necories she will follow you proudly, since she now knows from where she comes.
Character: Alina operates with fire and air magic. She can't heal but as an elementalist she makes huge damage to the opponents. It could be risked that the damage she makes is bigger than you make except you have completed the elemental magic as well from the beginning. If you come across with a little group of weaker enemies, she probably kill all of them by the time the close combat fighter gets there. Don't be surprised if you main character feels like a supernumerary on her side. Usually she works in the background as well, but if she's close to an opponent, she doesn't hesitate to hit it with whatever in her hand. Give her nice weapons, earrings and necklace. :-) But only if they increase her intelligence or provide her extra damage. And don't forget to support her defence with powerful armours.


Sir Gort
He's the last one in this list. I've mentioned before that he only can be hired by a character with technological attitude. To a character loyal to Nature he - let's say - doesn't give a word. Or at least it would be better he wouldn't give a word to. :-) Sir Gort the troll fighter is a member of the Church of Technology. He's arrogant and always sniffy with everyone who doesn't love technology. But he doesn't like those who abuse the technology's achievements and use them against life. When you meet him in GreyBay he is investigating in such a case, and he will join to your group only if you kill the necroraider inventor for him. This necroraider uses a very powerful antidote for preserving, namely to preserve life for Necro Brains. If you do it for him, he is kindly willing to join you, if you ask him nicely.
Story of Life: I don't know this either. It will be described if I know more about him. Do not hesitate to send it to me if you gathered some info about him!
Character: Sir Gort is a very strong close combat fighter. If he once starts to fight, won't stop until the last enemy is alive. He's got great endurance which comes mainly from the lot of integrated implants (and they make him look so "aesthetic"). Give him armours increasing his strength, life energy and weapons and mechanical shield as many he can bear. Just don't try to provide him natural stuff - he will deny it anyway. ;-)


Sarcophangus on 01 28 2011
How do you re-obtain a merc? I dropped Danselame to get Tanya ... but now they're both gone smiley
Sarcophangus on 01 28 2011
Well paint me! They were easy to find afterall smiley
Ardea on 01 30 2011
Yeah. smiley You can always find all of your known potential companions in the city/town/village you currently entered. smiley
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