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Refugee Camp

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This is where your adventures truly stars. After the tutorial where you can get familiar with the control and the story, this is the first time you gain control of your own - self-made - character. As always in this case you have the big nothing with you as well.

Kill the zombies...

Quest giver: Kara/Kaharon
Type: main quest

Talk to Kata/Kaharon to get the main quest in which you have to kill a few zombies outside the camp. Right after that roam about a bit and take some more quests from the people in the refugee camp. DO NOT FORGET: if you don't know how to solve a task, click on that in the Quest log (default "L") and you can read the dialog in a pop-up-like window. If you have to collect a few things, in the first row you can see for example "Red mushrooms 0/3".
If you are ready, stroll about the area to the north and kill the zombies. Kill ten of them, then return to Kara/Kaharon. She/He gives you some gold and tells you to buy something for yourself. You may go the Chalnuk or Lissae if you wish.

See Kara/Kaharon again...

Quest giver: Kara/Kaharon
Type: main quest

After the shopping - if you required that - speak again with Kara/Kaharon. She/He will send you to the Mangorve marshes with a letter, where you have to meet the elves and ask for their help. So go on to the next map, and note, that you can only "jump" there, if you reached the village, where the teleportation point is.

Heal Morka

Quest giver: Morka
Type: companion

This may be one of the most important quest in the beginning, since Morka will join you as first member and offer healing to the party. When you talk to Morka, she turn out to forget almost everything. You promise her that you check Lissae whether she can give a medicine. If you complete Lissae's task and you have the three red marsh mushrooms, go back to Morka with the potion Lissae gave you. After that Morka will remember everything, which - of course - doesn't make her happy at all. But in spite of depression, she's willing to join you. She will be always sad and bitter, but you will be able to find a "remedy" for her bad mood as well.

Find remedy

Quest giver: Lissae
Type: companion

After you talked to Morka go and speak to Lissae to find out how you can heal Morka. You will need three red mushrooms for this (all of them are found to north). Return to Lissae with the mushrooms and give the received potion to Morka. From now on you have a valuable healer who can use ice magic to frost your enemies. (You should think twice this opportunity, because if she fights as well, she'll be attacked like you and you have to take care of her, since she's very week in close combat! But if you keep her as a healer, Morka will heal the other members in the party too!) In every other fights/close combat Morka is useless, so the first area will be a bit boring. Morka as a party member will be able to help to develop your natural/technological attitude, if you make a conversation with her later in the game.

Tree dragon bark

Quest giver: Lissae
Type: secondary quest (reward)

Lissae gives you a task to kill a tree dragon and peel off its bark, from what she wants to make a potion. On this map live a few tree dragons in the north, south and west region. Kill one of them (they drop good equipments!) for a few bottles of potions - if you agree with Lissae according to this; otherwise you only get her thanks.

Lost survivors

Quest giver: Lissae
Type: secondary quest (reward)

Lissae gives you one more quest, if you complete the previous one. You have to rescue a few refugees in the north-east region. In this quest you only have to go there, meanwhile you clear a wide way from zombies and other creatures (or tell them you must to clear the way first), and summon them to follow you. They move slowly and right in your traces, so don't go far from the "airy" area you made. You should go slowly too and watch their points on the mini-map as they are following. Take them to Lissae and receive the reward.

Gas extractor

Quest giver: Chalnuk
Type: secondary quest (technology)

Chalnuk the blacksmith also gives you a quest in which you have to occupy some gas extractors. The pipes and their guards - Qje' Shis - can be found in the north-west region. Complete this task if you want to take up the next one (this you can't solve for a long time). Chalnuk will bargain with you. You can sell him whatever you want, but apparently mainly technological equipment can be bought from him.

A Silverfall zeppelin-port

Quest giver: Chalnuk
Type: secondary quest (technology)

Chalnuk enthuse over the good use of a zeppelin harbour in Silverfall in prosperity of trade and travel. He asks you, if you go to Cloudworks, find the only one necroraider who lives there and persuade him to come to help Chalnuk with building the harbour. Shapitk will stand right at the "entering point" of Cloudworks city.

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Quest giver: Smith's apprentice
Type: secondary quest (technology)

Chalnuk's apprentice would like to have some fossils. The ancient animal bones can be found only later in the game; they'll be in a mine (Coal-crystal mine) in the Cloudworks Desert. If you collected them, jump back to him and deliver the fossils. This quest should be completed before you go into the Robot Factory after Kara/Kaharon, because as you arrive to Silverfall it turns out that the apprentice didn't come back with Chalnuk rather established his own smithy.

Run into the buffalo hunters

Quest giver: Salma
Type: secondary quest (nature)

At first Salma wants you to chase away the buffalo hunters in the east. You'll do the best if you persuade them to leave only by explaining what damage they make to the nature (this is the "elegant solution") and if you succeed, you receive an effective nature necklace. (Alternatively you can kill them, or change over to the hunters' side and modify this quest also to a technological one.)

Hunted hunters

Quest giver: Salma
Type: secondary quest (nature)

If you don't want to make explanation you may only answer the short type "I'm asking you. Get out of here quick!". They get angry with you and draw their weapons to shoot you, so now you have to fight with them. After you get finished, return to Salma as it is described above.

Good hunting

Quest giver: Kashoq
Type: secondary quest (technology)

According to Salma's quest you get to the buffalo hunters. If you change over to their side, they'll ask you to kill three buffalos not far from there. If you do it, you'll get a rifle (which will be perhaps the first one in you possession). In case you choose this way, you obviously fail Salma's task.

Find the shaman

Quest giver: Salma
Type: secondary quest (nature)

If you complete the first or second version of the above mentioned nature type quest, Salma asks you to meet the Beastmen shaman in the south (in the Mangrove marshes). With solving this quest you gain a pair of weak boots. In this case rather the given nature loyalty points count.

Find Lilitip's chest

Quest giver: Lilitip
Type: secondary quest (reward)

Lilitip's a goblin, who asks you to recover his chest. (Open the chest behind him for some good stuff.) The goblin's magical chest will be in the north-east of there. Take it back to him and you can store your redundant items in it. You can buy "life insurance" from him as well if you wish. (For this you have to pay 80 gold coins - but the more times you die the higher will be the price - and wherever you die, he'll recover your clothes and equipment. Because if you die, you'll be taken back the nearest teleportation point, and at the place you've been killed there will rise a gravestone. You have to go there and retrieve you stuff buried under the gravestone which is of course surrounded by the creatures you couldn't kill even with your whole equipment. So once you get your stuff, run a place that is calmer and "cloth up". That means it's worth giving out the 80 gold coins!)

Rock Potion

Quest giver: Klisiere
Type: secondary quest (reward)

Klisiere the alchemist also gives you a quest - get him five Giant water spider eggs. These spiders are quite frequent on this map and they look like huge insects. They can be found in the wettest areas. Kill some of them and ask Klisiere to make a potion for you too, which gives you +1 strength. You won't get the potion "physically", but your strength will be increased by 1 point. The spiders drop these eggs until you complete the task. Collect 5 of them, there'll be no more needed!

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