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Cloudworks Desert

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New kind of opponents and a bit "drier" landscape at last! You may come across some goblin warriors, mechanical dragons, reapers or buffalos. Practice on them.

Save the werewolf

Quest giver: Ratix
Type: secondary quest (nature)

In front of Cloudworks you stumble upon a goblin threatened by other goblins, who claim that he is a werewolf-rat goblin and he cursed the city. If you support the nature, kill the other goblins - for some goodies and nature points.

Burn the werewolf!

Quest giver: Glurb
Type: secondary quest (technology)

If you're technology sided, kill the werewolf-rat goblin, then go to Glurb. He gives you a good rifle! (This quest is a bit buggy, but if he doesn't react when you address him, quit the game/jump to another map and then you return here. After this you'll be able to complete the quest.)

In Cloudworks city you will have a lot to do. First o all there are two potential companions to hire.

Find the Archmage in Cloudworks

Quest giver: Kara/Kaharon
Type: main quest

You get this quest together with the next one back in the Refugee Camp. To complete this quest-group you need to get into Upper Cloudworks, talk to Lord Urdo, then to Lady Zokor, then again to Lord Urdo, and in the end you'll have to go after Kara/Kaharon in the Robot factory. Because the Archmage is possessed by the Death Shadow and he'd made a lot of evil deeds, meanwhile he was after his main goal - to get coal-crystal from the mine. This quest is solved when you kill the Archmage.

In Cloudworks

Quest giver: Kara/Kaharon
Type: main quest

This quest is given to you back in the Refugee Camp as well. The point is to get here (signed by a big X) by foot. Go to the bigger yellow dot (on the mini-map), there you can find - beside Lilitip - Kara/Kaharon standing. The quest ends when you talk to her/him.

Note: As you pick up this quest, Morka will chat up you. Depending on what you answer, you can increase your loyalty to nature/technology. The answers give clear options.

Speak to the guard

Quest giver: Kara/Kaharon
Type: main quest

Kara/Kaharon finds out that every gate to Cloudworks are closed and there is no way in. Therefore she/he asks you to speak to the guard about the entering.

Note: during your conversation with Kara/Kaharon, Danselame chat up you and asks your opinion again of the nature or technology. Depending on what you reply your loyalty on the corresponding side will increase, therefore you must pay attention to give an answer according to your attitude. If you give the "opposite side"'s reply, your chosen attitude will weaken!

Run into Nekol

Quest giver: Guard of the lower city gate
Type: main quest

The guard of the lower city gate after some persuasion whispers that you should ask Nekol about the way leads in the city, since he managed to get in when no-one could. So let's go the Nekol.

Join Sergeant Nob

Quest giver: Nekol
Type: main quest

Nekol wants you to deliver alcohol to Nob, but for this you have to cut across the Sewers. If you are out of the Sewers on the big map you can find Nob. Go ahead, where you see the three pillaging goblin. Then pick up an another quest and if you break through three more pillaging goblins, you reach Nob. Give him the alcohol and you'll get the quest that will help you to enter Upper Cloudworks.

Through the Sewers

Quest giver: Nekol
Type: main quest

If you installed only the basic game, try to enter the Sewers by going next to the entrance and let the game offer the exchange to another map, because in case you just click on the Sewers entrance on the big map, you can find yourself at a completely foreign or already discovered place - it's an extraordinary big bug in the basic game.

However, if you've got the extension installed, just "click in" yourself to the Sewers.

I suggest you to discover the whole system of passageways down there to get a lot of xp. But first o all, pick up and complete the only one quest here, then go through the Sewers. It's like a labyrinth but if you fallow the white/yellow arrow as much you can, you'll be able to reach the exit quite easy. On the other "side" you come out to Lower Cloudworks. Go to Nob, give him the alcohol, because that's why you break through the Sewers anyway.

The mecalchemy exam

Quest giver: Drill
Type: companion

Dril the mecalchemist goblin asks you to gather the exam tasks from Lower Cloudworks. If she has these, she could be your companion as a healer. The paper containing the exam's questions is to be found a little north-west from the Robot factory, on the outer circle, near Hulert the mecalchemist on the ground.

Find the bandits

Quest giver: Patoudip
Type: companion

If you choose this quest, head for the sign and select the challenge right away, you my choose from close combat, long-range combat or magic attack according your own style. Finish the warrior and speak again to Tanya. Then she's willing to join you if you wish.

Get the gold back from the bandits

Quest giver: Tanya
Type: companion

If you try to make a peaceful deal with the bandits first and you give then 1.000 gold coins, later you may come back and fulfil the challenge after all. Just this time for getting back your money. If you defeat the selected enemy, you win back your gold and complete the task. And after it you can hire Tanya as well.

Repair Sharpitk's servant

Quest giver: Sharpitk
Type: secondary quest (technology)

Sharpitk is the necroraider whom you should ask to build a zeppelin-port to Silverfall (Chalnuk's quest). He would be willing to help, but his mechanical servant went wrong and without it he's unable to work. Bring him 5 Corpse pieces (these are displayed as a half arm) and a metal piece. These could be found on any of the pillaging goblins roaming around Cloudworks, but since not every of the goblins drop the corpse piece, you have to kill lot more than 5 goblins. One metal piece is dropped by them. You'll get 5% to your technological loyalty with this quest completed.

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