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Upper Cloudworks

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You can enter to Upper Cloudworks with the help of Nob at first time. There are some secondary quest, but only complete them if your attitude is technological.

Next to the teleportation point of Upper Cloudworks stands Kara/Kaharon and she/he chat up with you right away. It turns out that someone was seen who looks like the Archmage, but he makes evil deeds anywhere he goes. Tell her/him that you all have to speak with Lord Kiar Urdo first, and she/he will run towards the palace.

After it you can pick up and complete the quests if you wish.

A strange lady

Quest giver: Lord Kiar Urdo
Type: main quest

Talk to Lord Urdo, then go to the other palace and try to reach Lady Zokor. There will be a lot of technological enemies - some new kinds as well - in there. Follow the white/yellow arrow to get to Zokor on the easiest way. Go to her and hit the troll woman till she gives up. She turns out to be possessed by an evil spirit. After you free her, she tells you that she had business with the Archmage, because he wanted coal-crystals from the mine. After they've made a deal, the Death Shadow diseased Lady Zokor too. Return to Lord Urdo and talk to him about what happened.

Clear the mine

Quest giver: Grobil
Type: secondary quest (reward)

When you finished with Lady Zokor, one of her gurads standing outside her castle, Grobil asks you to clear the mine, because after the Archmage was in the Coal-crystal mine, a lot of undeads moved in there. No-one can enter now into the mines to get the crystal, so they're afraid of running out of raw materials, which is a real catastrophe for the city. You must get rid of the occupants, first of all the target is a zombie minotaur. After you've done, return to him to catch the reward.

Invading beast-men

Quest giver: Brock
Type: secondary quest (technology)

Brock is a sawmill owner and he's kindly willing to help rebuild Silverfall, if you make him a favour. There is a group of beast-men to the north-east from Cloudwoks, who probably could impede the woods from being delivered to Silverfall. You should invade them, kill at least 10 of them, then return to Brock.

Destroy the competition

Quest giver: Brock
Type: secondary quest (technology)

You solved the wood problem for Silverfall, but the city will need ore as well, therefore you need to help Brock once more. You should do away with his business rival. That means you have to damage the well guarded goods. The goods are near Lady Zokor's palace towards Nob. Here you can find out that the business competitor is not other than Zokor herself. Destroy the guards and hit the crates. Return to Brock for the reward.

A threat at the forge

Quest giver: Razia
Type: secondary quest (technology)

Razia is an owner of a forge and she knows a revolt is going to be at the building. She asks you to stop it. You have to go there at night and do away with the terrorists. These goblins are simple nature-sided ones. If you talk to Brayix, you can cancel the quest by agreeing with them! If you quit the task you won't get any xp, but your nature attitude won't decreased neither.

DeeP on 09 24 2013
If you do do the "Threat to the forge" in Earth Awakening as n Nature loyalist, and back off after speaking with Brayix, it does take off 15%.
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