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In Gaian you encounter a lot of new opponents and some "modified" ones too. I advise you to go straight to the village to pick up the quest. Of course you can hire the mercenaries mentioned in the description of Silverfall, because if you follow the path to north, you will simple stumble upon them. In the village you will meet an optional companion an the nature lover characters will have the opportunity to find another companion in the area.

Duel with the mercenary

Quest giver: Mercenary
Type: secondary quest

Follow the path to north leading to Gaian. In the middle of the area you come across a little group of mercenaries. Talk to the Mercenary standing almost on the road. They will help to protect the city on one condition: if you defeat one of his men. Do it and they will go to Silverfall as soon as you leave them.

Sacred water of the beast-men

Quest giver: Druids
Type: main quest

When you enter to Gaian, speak with the Druids. They agree to help, but they have no sacred water any longer. Some of the beast-men decided to secure the life water and they diverted the stream under the surface. Now they guard it well. The Druids send you to discover the Abandoned mine near Gaian and find the Leader of the beast-men from whom you could ask for some life water. If you get the sacred water, return to Gaian.

The intelligence potion

Quest giver: Sormyr
Type: secondary quest (reward)

You can find Sormyr, the alchemist near the Druid's Circle. After a long but interesting conversation he asks you to bring him 5 beastmen's runes. In return you will get a potion that increases your intelligence by 1 point. In this area there are a lot of beast-men shamans who drop the required runes. Sormyr won't need the runes directly for brewing, but he gives you the potion as a reward as soon as you hand over the runes.

Note: while you're hunting the beast-men for the runes, you will sure complete the Beast hunter's quest as well.

Portiz's clothes

Quest giver: Portiz
Type: companion

If you have sharp eyes, you can find Portiz behind a big bush. He won't come out until he gets back his clothes. The day before he drunk himself blind and took off his clothes somewhere, but he can't remember where exactly. If you bring back the stuff he'll be willing to join your party if you wish. Portiz is an archer and 100% nature-sided, but you can easily convince him that technology is good as well.

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Reward for Giant Eagles

Quest giver: Hunter
Type: secondary quest (reward)

You can take up another hunting quest from the Hunter standing at the eastern gate of Gaian. He wants you to kill 5 giant eagle. The eagles must be killed in this area (the ones you do away on other maps do not count!). You'll get some gold for your efforts. This quest can be picked up as many times as you wish. Giant eagles are rare, there are only six of them in Gaian at a time.

Find Hulart

Quest giver: Badaud
Type: companion

Badaud, one of the citizens, calls your attention to another potential companion. He tells you about Hulart, who is a druid missionary living in the far eastern region of Gaian. Find him if you are loyal to nature. However if you are on technology's side, Badaud won't tell you even a word.

Gaia's challenge

Quest giver: Hulart
Type: companion

When you find the druid, talk to him. He will agree to join you if you can break his oath to Mother Nature. This oath can be broken if you return to Gaian, go to the druids' circle. You can see there Gaia's champion, that is a monster. Defeat it, then Hulart appears there immediately and says that, from now on he can go with you if you wish. Besides he gives you a nature necklace.

Free the sacred tree

Quest giver: Druids
Type: main quest

When you return to Gaian from the Abandoned mine, you find out that Gaian's being attacked by corrupt elves. You may hunt them down and save the harassed citizens if you like before you go and see the Druids. Now they're standing outside the Circle and when you approach to them they address you right away. They ask you to prevent the corrupt elves to stole Gaia's sacred seeds which are needed for blessing the life water you could hardly get from the beast-men. Go into the Circle and kill all of the dark elves and of course their leader, the Sorcerer elf boss too, who stands at the tree. When you finished, the Druids come in and demand the water you brought them.

Kill the prince

Quest giver: Druids
Type: main quest

Afterwards they assign you to kill the leader of the corrupt elves, Prince Dalaen. You can find him far in the north, beyond the Forest. It's terrible, but there are no teleportation points neither in the Forest nor in the Camp of Corrupt Elves! So if your Inventory is full, and you want to sell the items out, you can return to north only by foot.
You can find the prince in the middle of the Camp of corrupt elves, destroy him, have a last chat, then return to Gaian.

Return to the source

Quest giver: Druids
Type: main quest

Now you finished with prince Dalaen and are back to Gaian, jog to the Druids. Demand for the blessed life water. Leave with they thanks and blessings quick, because you are well awaited in Silverfall for now. This quest is done if you hand over the sacred water to Salma/Chalnuk in Silverfall.

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