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There isn't much to do here. When you get in take up the quests and head for the north. In this city you come across a new potential companion, but if you are on nature's side, he will only flout you and you'll do the same. But if you're for technology, you'll get a quest from him. In the area of Greybay you may fulfil the task for Danselame ("Vengeance") if he's with you. However after visiting the city you'll only have to go to the north and reach Solitude. If you start from the city, choose the path to the north at the crossroad. From this road you can get to the point where Danselame's quest is. When you reach the mining pit turn left and stick to the bumpy path which leads towards the chine. Walk through the bridge and you are on the next map.

Break the siege

Quest giver: -
Type: main quest

When you get to the gate of Greybay and talk to the Necroraider captain, you can see the city is under attack in the background. Cut the chatting out and finish the leader, then help to defend the city gates. If all of the Necroraiders are dead the quest is done and the area is peaceful again.

Speak to Syriaz, the serpent-tongued

Quest giver: -
Type: main quest

When the siege is over you get this quest immediately. Cross the city and you'll find the guy in the south-west corner. Ask him about the attack on the King of Egreid. Ha hisses you the information you need for 10.000 gold coins.


Quest giver: Syriaz, the serpent-tongued
Type: main quest

Syriaz tells you that rumour says these creatures are somehow much stronger on the land of Solitude, therefore it is sure they are originated from there. They have a laboratory there which have to be found in this quest. So head to the north, to Solitude. (Towards Solitude you can arrange the quest for Danselame as well.)

Speak to Syriaz

Quest giver: Sir Gort
Type: companion (technology)

The troll leads an investigation of an ethical case in which a necroraider abuses the achievements of technology. It is about a conservation potion called Embalmer moisture which is basically a very powerful antidote, but the necroraider uses it to give longer life to the Necro Brains. The problem is that Sir Gort hasn't got enough information to catch the bastard. Therefore you have to ask for help from the only one informer you know that is from Syriaz. Try to get this quest during discovering the city, then you can arrange this task together with the other "Speak to Syriaz" quest.

If you are on nature's side, Sir Gort will only flout your scent and you will be as nice to him as he is to you. :-)

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Kill the necroraider inventor

Quest giver: Sir Gort
Type: companion

Syriaz will tell you the requested info for "only" 2.000 gold coins. He shows the inventor's hideout immediately and even calls your attention for he attacks everyone he doesn't know, because so many people were looking for him that he became paranoid. He is not far from Loke Iron, the technological smith, so you can jump in to the necroraider after visiting the blacksmith. Then you can return to report to Sir Gort. After all these he will be willing to join your party.

The ethnologist

Quest giver: Jarnak
Type: secondary quest (technology)

Jarnak is an ethnologist, who asks you to travel around the land and search for several nature shrines in order to study them. If you are finished with the next quest you will have no other business with him any more.

Study of Nature totems

Quest giver: Jarnak
Type: secondary quest (technology)

You have to visit all the totems you can find in this world. These are: Earth totem (Mangrove), Fire totem (Cloudworks desert) and Air totem (Gaian). (You can check them on the map at "Visit the... totem" quests.) Pay attention for doing this quest only if you are close to technology!

Out of control experiments

Quest giver: Hunter
Type: secondary quest (reward)

In Greybay there is also a hunter, who wishes you to kill 5 Necro brains. In this map they are very common creatures, so it is worth doing this quest several times for the xp.


Quest giver: Dril
Type: companion

When standing around in Greybay, Dril will chat up you. "Did you know that I was born in Greybay?" Be friendly, listen to her telling her family's story, then escort her to the family living down at the harbour. They aren't far away, do her this favour. When arriving there, Dril will see his brother surrounded by a lot of necroraiders. Help them, then speak to Teknix. Family idyll is ready, you can eyewitness forgiving and hugging. Let's get back to your work.

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