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Steelight Crypt

In the Crypt you can find some new enemies and quests. You will meet Kara/Kaharon last time here and face the game's real Big Boss opponent, the creator of the Death Shadow. This place has many surprises and this is the point the game's end starts. Take a deep breath and begin.

Find the crystal

Quest giver: -
Type: main quest

This quest is activated as you enter the Crypt. Following the white/yellow arrow you can get to Harois. Harois, the parent of the Steelight Family and honorary member of the Company of the Scarlet Dawn - besides died 600 years ago - gives you the crystal with ceremony - and you are ready with this quest.

Against the Death Shadow

Quest giver: Harois
Type: main quest

When you get the crystal automatically, Harois sends you with his best wishes and an advice to use the stone wisely. Your character will run to Kara/Kaharon who appears on the scene and during the conversation he/she uses the crystal on the elf friend. Hush - so much for the Death Shadow!

The Dark King

Quest giver: -
Type: main quest

After you healed Kara/Kaharon, the Dark King Jokshirok will kill her/him immediately. Attack him. Before you get rid of the Dark King, Harois stops him. That bastard dwarf tells you that he became the king of Egreid. He and Harois have a little and in the end the Dark King escapes. Of course you have to follow and stop him from summoning a Devastating God in Blazis.

Back to Steelight

Quest giver: Harois
Type: main quest

Giving some good advice Harois sends you back to Steelight. Jump back then to make this task finished.

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18/12/2018 18:46
*were worth

18/12/2018 18:46
Was thinking on grabbing SF and SF:EA on Steam if they pop up during winter sale. Since last time I played was almost 7 years ago and maybe dig in game code once more and see if I could reverse engineer some stuff while at it. Maybe 3.5 years at uni were something. smiley

18/12/2018 18:39
Tbh I'm surprised that you are still keeping this site alive and checking in from time to time. Because nonetheless Silverfall That's some dedication.

18/12/2018 04:56
Yeah. It's sad... I should upgrade this site for a new joomla or something. Then people could register again, and perhaps the life would rise again here... I'm just lack of free time to do that.

18/12/2018 00:29
Surprised noone posted anything in 2018. smiley

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ˇˇˇˇHappy New Year!!!! ˇˇˇˇFeliz Ańo Nuevo a todo el mundo!!!!

25/12/2017 07:56
Merry Christmas for Everyone! smiley

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Sorry for the missing registration option, but I had to deny it because of the assaulting spammers. I will find a way for the registration. Thanks for your patience!

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