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Element Cathedral

There is only one thing to do here and this is the end. There are no general or common opponents, only the Death Shadow itself. It'll be a big Boss fight. When you enter the cathedral, no-one will stop you from catching Jokshirok - at last.


Quest giver: Jokshirok, Dark King of Koroziom, the Zombie Captain :-)
Type: main quest

When you approach to the Zombie Captain, you can listen to a strange dialogue (that is you find out that was a dialogue from the Quest log, because one cannot understand a word from the growling) in which turns out that you are late - as usual. The Nothingness is awaken and gets its first victim - the Zombie Captain. The Dark King this way sacrificed himself on the altar of his own foolishness. Here is the Nothingness itself, the Devastating God. Give it a kick in the face. If you get rid of it, the quest is done.

A new hope

Quest giver: Salma/Chalnuk
Type: main quest

After you defeated the incarnation of Nothingness Salma/Chalnuk arrives to the scene. She/He tells you that all of the enemies went to dust suddenly in front of one's eyes. When she/he is sure that you are all right, Salma/Chalnuk says you are the new King/Queen of Silverfall and Egreid. Your character's real work starts here, but you can rest a little, because the basic game ends now.

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