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Guedaen is a little settlement, virtually the absolute opposite of Disttroy. At least in terms of attitude. While in Disttroy the technology prevails, here the inhabitants worship the nature. The village is pervaded through and through with the roots and branches of the Bramble. Take up the quests here as well, and make short of them. You'll have to return this village some more times along the story, after the water changes to mud. Thus you'll have to visit this place at least twice.

Druid for dinner

Quest giver: Zaraden
Type: secondary quest (reward)

Here the main thing is to kill 1 Jaivodents monster to make the old troll cough up where you can find Biwin. The enemy to be slaughtered is near to the little settlement (see the map above).

The runaway couple

Quest giver: zaraden
Type: secondary quest

You must find Biwin. The old troll shows you the place where they are hiding. Go and talk to the runaway girl.

The troll in the prairies

Quest giver: Biwin
Type: secondary quest (nature)

When you speak to Biwin, you may take her necklace she offers, thus you'll lie to her father that you could find only this from her and around it everything was devastated. In this way you can lead the dialogue to make an opportunity for yourself to talk to Letloy. Do it. Fight yourself through the hordes of monsters until you reach the farm. If you choose this way, you'll gain 10% nature points. But beware, because your technological points will be shortened with the same amount, if you happen to be loyal to that side. In case you wish to choose the technological ending, you should simply send Biwin home.

Help nature

Quest giver: Diciavicos
Type: sedondray quest (nature)

Actually this quest is equal to the "Help technology" quest in Disttroy, only on nature's side. You have to kill a Chief Patroller, because they desolate all the plants with their herbicides.

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Find the source

Quest giver: Sergeant Garciak
Type: secondary quest

When you return to Guedaen with or without Danselame, there will be a new face on the bank of the river. Churuk sent Sergeant Garciak to solve the drinking water problem in the village. It would be a provisory solution if you bring water from a clear lake nearby, for he doesn't dare to go there because of the hordes of beasts. Your task is to take a little sample from the water at the signed place and meanwhile slash 3 Wild laying hens (there are the "hordes of bests"!). Return to Garciak with the water sample.

No Pelegrino, no water

Quest giver: Sergeant Garciak
Type: secondary quest

After you bring the water sample to the sergeant, he ascertains that this water is also tainted. You should find Pelegrino, who lives now as a hermit, since the villagers banish him with their constant flouting. He's not far away, follow the arrow and go to the corresponding sign.

Tapix behind his counter

Quest giver: Pelegrino
Type: secondray quest

Well, when you talk to Pelegrino, try to persuade him nicely (or not so nicely) to return in the village and seek for water, or every inhabitants will die with thirst. He will then agree, but he'll need a new magic staff, because he broke his former one in his wrath. Let's go, Tapix isn't far either.

Mushroom picking

Quest giver: Tapix
Type: secondary quest

Tapix gives you the only one water seeking magic staff he possesses only if you destroy 6 Shadow skeletons for him, that encumber the trading with their continuous looting. They are on the road opposite to the booth, just a few steps away. Finish with them and return to Tapix for the stuff. Besides you can pick up a few mushrooms along the road, from which you'll be able to keep one.

A mushroom that filters everything

Quest giver: Pelegrino
Type: secondary quest

First you should go to Pelegrino with the magic staff and the mushrooms - then he starts looking for water immediately - and afterwards you can go to Sergeant Garciak. Now you successfully finished this serial of quests.

Business with Letloy

Quest giver: Letloy
Type: secondary quest

When you speak with Zaraden again in Guedaen (note that he doesn't have the exclamation mark over his head!) it turns out that Letloy would like to talk to you. Go to Letloy's farm.

Tiny shoot 1/3

Quest giver: Druide Poucet
Type: secondary quest (reward)

The druid Poucet only appears after you have defeated the Heart of the Bramble. The main thing is now that you have to go back in the Heart of the Bramble and cut off 1 Bramble shoot. Of course until you reach it, you'll encounter many beasts of bigger danger. For example it is defended by Giant roots. This Bramble shoot can be approached in the shortest way if you leave the entrance and turn left at the firs "crossroad". Afterwards you can easily find it following the green arrow on the minimap.

Tiny shoot 2/3

Quest giver: Druide Poucet
Type: secondary quest (reward)

To reach the second Bramble shoot return to the entrance and turn back like you just entered. Go in the second trail to left. It is a bit curvy but that will be the right path. When you see the green point on the left edge of the mini-map, turn left and you are there.

Tiny shoot 3/3

Quest giver: Druide Poucet
Type: secondary quest (reward)

To find the third Bramble shoot in the shortest way you must go like this... From the second Bramble shoot come out to the wider trail, turn left then go in the second trail to right. From here you can reach the last bush relatively easy. After finishing all the Bramble shoots, return to druid Poucet for your reward.

A bothersome contract

Quest giver: Leader of the mercenaries
Type: companion

Danselam's former comrade has made a contract with Von Skromel that he now doesn't wish to keep up. You should get this contract "breached". When you enter the Steelight Crypt during the main quest, you'll find a Necroraider to the right at the entrance. As you talk to him, it turns out to be a trap. You know what to do...

In the hands of the pirates

Quest giver: Morka
Type: companion

When you return from Etherea (following "Lost in the sticks" quest) and find the merchant in the Hearth of the Bramble, first he will lie that he doesn't know the boy Morka's looking for. Trust in Morka and snap at Charles Atan. He will then admit that he sold Will to the pirates to get some money after he has lost everything during the siege of Silverfall. Here the main task of yours to free the young Will.

Note: this quest can be done together with the main quest taken up in the Dwarf's village.



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