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Cannibal Jungle

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As to me this is my favourite area in the extension. Its atmosphere, the background music, the landscape and the entertaining quests - these altogether are fascinating and amusing at the same time! You have enough to do here. And in this map drops the first named demon of the game, which makes a good use put on your weapon or armour.

Make the masks fall down

Quest giver: Less Croc
Type: secondary quest (reward)

As you advance to the goal of the main quest, in front stairs upward to the temple entrance there stands a man. Less Croc is a merchant, who is in debt and cannot pay the dues back to Arnax. He thinks if he can gather a valuable cannibal mask collection, his problems would be solved. You agree with him that for every pair of masks you'll get an oiled leather. Altogether you have to collect 10 cannibal masks. These can be found only on the Cannibal Chiefs. If there aren't enough around the temple, in the temple you can find plenty of them. Bring these masks back to Less Crock and your rewards will be 5 pieces of oiled leather.

Note: it is worth taking up this quest before you slash all the Cannibal Chiefs towards the Cannibal village and when roaming around the map. For you have to get rid of them anyway, but with this quest it gets more sense.

Off to help the captive King

Quest giver: Arnax
Type: secondary quest

In the Cannibal jungle at the first crossroad go ahead on the right path. A few steps further stands Arnax behind his booth, who sells Fortune's Amphoras. If you wish for adventure, buy 3 pieces. In the first one there won't be anything. In the second one there will be a tongue, but in the third one you'll find a parchment. This reads that King Qwatermain is captured by his own vassals and they release him only for the skin of a water dragon. Arnax says that there is an elf hunter who can tell more about this thing. You have to search for Liroy.

Lonely elf seeks arrows

Quest giver: Liroy
Type: secondary quest

The elf doesn't hunt for dragons any more and he's not willing to give you the skin he owns. It turns out that he played at Arnax as well, and he hadn't got luck, but he had to leave his quiver there as a payment. You offer him to buy the skin from him so that he can buy back his quiver, but "that quiver won't be the same without the magic arrows". For a little pressure he coughs up that two of his magic arrows are still in a giant werewolf, who is roaming around here. Slay him, take back the two arrows and the skin is yours.

Cannibal party

Quest giver: Liroy
Type: secondary quest

When you deliver the arrows to the elf, he gives you the skin with pleasure. You find out that he get it as well, and from a dwarf named Qwatermain. He's the king of the Tamalcsis and they keep him as a prisoner now. To free him, you have to become a king/queen, and for this you heed to speak to the Tamalcsi Shaman. But you can talk to him only after you defeat all 5 Tamalcsi warriors.

King for supper

Quest giver: Boufetoo
Type: secondary quest

After you have defeated the warriors, the shaman appears. You're chatting a little in a kind of kitchen language, and he tells you that they intend to eat the old king, because he's sold the dragon skin for booze and with that he desecrated it. But as the new ruler you order to open the cage. Go and talk to the silly dwarf.

Monkey in the mist

Quest giver: Qwatermain
Type: secondary quest

After you agree with the dwarf at last and thus save his life, he gives you a map that leads to M'Boo, the Flaming Monkey. He says that this monkey has some kind of artefact with him from which he gains his power. It's worth taking a look at M'Boo.


Quest giver: Qwatermain
Type: secondary quest

This quest is automatically done when you've finished with M'Boo and collect the things he drops. One of the items is a fire demon named Behram. He will chat up his new master immediately. If you put him on your weapon/armour, your equipment is called Behram level 1 from now on.

Note: Theoretically he can be improved by accomplishing some quests for him, but it was completely buggy for me, therefore I can't describe those tasks.

In search of the stolen tablet

Quest giver: Inniada Nojes
Type: secondary quest

On the way to the temple to which Harois sent you, you may encounter a man laying on the ground. He cries for help. If you help him, he tells you that they've found a highly valuable stone tablet that shows you the location of a lost temple. Tell him you are willing to retrieve it, then you will be able to discover the temple together. And what you'll find will go to the Silverfall Museum. The Thieving Monkey who stole the tablet is not too far from here. Give him a beating and return to the fellow.

Go back and see Inniada Nojes

Quest giver: Inniada Nojes
Type: secondary quest

When you give back his stone tablet, he leaves to Silverfall at once to organize an explorer team. You have to follow him and talk to Inniada Nojes in Silverfall. You may do it right now or after you finished with this map.



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