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Etherea... You get quite a few quests in this floating city. However this is the main part of the game. Here you reach the peak of the story. This is the place where you meet Von Skromel's real face. The magical knowledge collected in Etherea will help Von Skromel to proceed his evil plan. The besieged city plays a major rule in the game. Here gets revealed the Big Enemy's plot, and this place could be the only hope to route out Von Skromel's necroraider nations from the realm of Nelw.

Lost in the sticks

Quest giver: Morka
Type: companion

As you enter Etherea, Morka wil chat up you. Her past is revealed - once again. It turns out that her master in Silverfall confined his son to Morka before he frayed into the battle. But Morka didn't want to leave her master to fight alone, so she handed over the child to a merchant, and the boy got lost. With the help of a mage she could find out that the merchant is now in the Heart of the Bramble. Jump back there and find the merchant, so that he can give you a hint. You can do it later, let's say when you are enter Etherea's Library. Or you may leave at once, for you can use this entering point to teleport there and back.

The surviving mages

Quest giver: -
Type: main quest

When you reach the lower part of the great stairs, Von Skromel stops you. You chat a bit, though the tone is not so nice now. After his disappearance your task will be to find the survivors while crossing the city. They'll be under a magical barrier north-west of the city. You can find elemental mages on your way, who are fighting with necroraiders, take care of them, too. But if you go straight ahead for the sign, it doesn't matter. This quest is solved if you speak with the Mage Leader.

A little house in the skies

Quest giver: Alina
Type: companion

When you finish the conversation with Von Skromel, Alina will chat up you immediately. This is a bit embarrassing, because you are under the necroraider's attack. So click through this dialogue quickly, or you have to resurrect your allies in the end. :-) Essentially you must listen to her telling about her past. She was very young when she was kidnapped and she forgot almost everything. But now she's here, she's sure it is her home where she really came from. She wishes to see their old house. The house is not far from the magic barrier. When you reach the marked spot, the quest is done.

Searching for clues

Quest giver: Alina
Type: companion

Near the house you can see it's devastated in the necroraider's assault. The only chance to find out what happened to its dwellers, if you ask the survivors. This means of course the mages. So get to the safe place where you have to speak with one of the mages regarding to this point.

Out of pure revenge

Quest giver: Alina
Type: companion

The Mage Leader tells you about the powerful mage family lived in that certain house, they were the Stormbounders. They frayed into battle among the first people, because with their daughter disappeared, they had nothing to live for. Alina realizes that they must have been her parent. Of course this perception is futile now, as she wasn't able to help or save them. She lives for vengeance from now on! She asks for your help in destroying a larger Necroraider gang nearby. If you do this to her, she cools down and becomes resigned to her fate, and you can continue your task at last.

The enchanted library

Quest giver: Mage Leader
Type: main quest

If you reach the magical barrier, look for the Mage Leader and talk to him. He tells you that they won't attack the necroraiders until they find the proper spell, which won't ruin their city together with the enemy (since their known spells are so powerful it could destroy everything around). However the Library is very hard to be approached as a novice cast a spell totally the wrong way. Nevertheless you have to go inside and protect it from a bigger trouble. For that you must fight the Invocation of pure energy, which you can find in a little room the entrance of which is located on a platform in the middle of the Library.

Out of stock

Quest giver: Pier Flosofal
Type: secondary quest (reward)

Under the above mentioned magical barrier there is an alchemist goblin on the lower level, who asks you to get him 5 Small scales and 5 Small gems. If you give him those, he will offer that he can create 1 Sparkling gem from 10 Small gems and 1 Large scale from 10 Small scales.

An alchemist's egg

Quest giver: Pier Flosofal
Type: secondary quest (reward)

Speak with him again and he asks another favour of you. If you give him 2 Perfect scales and 2 Magic gems, he will halve the needed ingredients for creating medium materials, thus you have to give only 5 lower material to get 1 medium one.



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