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Etherea's Library

The Library is built in a highly elaborated system. You can find one of the stairs leading downwards left from the entrance. It is worth starting this way, because at the passage here you may take up a quest which turns out to be a serial of quests. You can reach the fellow if you leave the entrance to left, go along the walls, up to a gallery, where you can find two little bridges leading to another bigger platform from which you are able to advance to the lower level. Cross one of the bridges and look for Papy Hooter on the platforms.

In search of the Holy Guardians

Quest giver: Parry Hooter
Type: main quest

In the middle of the Library there is a little platform. Stepping into the light takes you to a small room (a loft perhaps), where you are immediately confronted to an Invocation of pure energy. It's hard to conquer, because it creates a big barrier around itself which casts you shock spells when you enter inside. So perhaps it is worth using powerful spells or long-range weapons against it.

After defeating this creature do NOT enter the other map, though the game offers the opportunity, if you stands in the middle of the room at the end of the fight. If Parry doesn't run to you when you finished the enemy, then you must go to him. He's standing in the corner - or at least at the wall, 'cause it's a round room. :-) Talk to him and ask for his help to find Memor's book. He will then cite from that book and that gives you your further tasks. You'll have to search for the Leader of the Holy Guardians. Go to the spot located in east of Etherea. There you find a statue, click on it and tell it to take you to the land of the Holy Guardians. Confirm it. Then you arrive to the Land of the Dwarves (at a point you may also reach from the north of the Cannibal jungle).

Go ahead towards the Dwarves' village. Walk up on the ramp and to the right there stands Maxipock. Speak with him and the quest is done.

The scattered parchment 1/4

Quest giver: Papy Hooter
Type: secondary quest

As I said before on one of the platforms (left from the entrance) there is a man called Papy Hooter. He's mourning over his parchment taken away by the necroraiders, for after the stealth they were quarrelling about it and tore it apart. These pieces should you collect in 4 steps. The first part of the parchment is in the north of Etherea with a Necroraider Thief.

Note: see the locations of the Necroraider Thieves on the map of Etherea.

The scattered parchment 2/4

Quest giver: Papy Hooter
Type: secondary quest

Go after the second piece. It's at a Necroraider Thief as well in the south-west of Etherea.

The scattered parchment 3/4

Quest giver: Papy Hooter
Type: secondary quest

If you have number two, collect number three. Get rid of the Necroraider Thief in the south of Etherea.

The scattered parchment 4/4

Quest giver: Papy Hooter
Type: secondary quest

Now to the last one. You can find it in the west of Etherea on the inner circle. Slay the Necroraider Thief and head back for the Library at last.

Public speaking

Quest giver: Papy Hooter
Type: secondary quest

After putting the pieces together, Papy reads a bit "odd" text out of it, which you have to say loud at the altar of Zephyr. Head to the given spot. There you can find a drawer-like thing, that is the altar. Click on it, invoke the text.


Quest giver: Zephyr
Type: secondary quest

Of course Zephyr complains about the crud, so he sends a Void Elemental on you. Defeat it and return to Papy Hooter.

Without mistakes

Quest giver: Papy Hooter
Type: secondary quest

When you give him your complaint, Papy laughs at you, because he realizes he put the parchment pieces together the wrong way. He gives it another try and reads out another text. Go to the altar, invoke the text.

The wrath of the air

Quest giver: Zephyr
Type: secondary quest (reward)

This time you get some armours from the altar and the Incarnation of tempest appears behind you. Defeat the Hurricane Phoenix and be happy.

Pick up the Asman

Quest giver: Zephyr
Type: secondary quest

After killing the Incarnation of tempest, it drops an air demon. Collect all of the stuff and the demon will chat up you at once.



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