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The Puddle Cave

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This place has its own atmosphere, too. :-) It's a small cave. You don't spend much time here, but you spend it useful...

Some ingredients for the puddle

Quest giver: Troll Adventurer
Type: secondary quest

Meanwhile you discover the Dwarves' Land, enter the Puddle cave. You find here a Troll Adventurer, who accomplish the puddle's wishes stupidly, because it always promises him something, but it only makes new wishes. The first demand the Troll can't complete is to give it 10 Small gems. Give them to him.

Mandragora heart

Quest giver: Troll Adventurer
Type: secondary quest

This time the puddle asks for a heart of a Giant Mandragora. Go towards north, to that place you can find the Arena of the Gods. On the way to that altar, you will encounter the desired creature. Kill it and return to the Troll.

Note: if you haven't visited Samanru yet, do it now, as you are only a few steps away from the altar.

Talk to the Troll Adventurer

Quest giver: Troll Adventurer
Type: secondary quest

If you have the Mandragora Heart, give it to the adventurer. He throws it into the puddle and it sends a message that the reward could not be shared. Obviously he wants the whole reward for himself then, and the Troll decides to challenge you. But because he likes you and you even helped him, he gives some time to think over whether you accept his challenge or not.

Too great a sacrifice

Quest giver: Troll Adventurer
Type: secondary quest

Return to him, or if you didn't leave, just speak with him. He can't be convinced to change his mind, so you have to kill him. He's quite a tough guy and has a strong defence, so it may take a little time. When you've defeated him, you'll have a cute little surprise behind you back.

The manifestation of evil

Quest giver: Zrull
Type: secondary quest

The Genii of the Lamp comes out... or rather the Zrull of the Puddle... He's fond of what he'll eat for dinner in advance and he wants you to be the whet. So take his appetite away - and his life as well. He's even a bit easier enemy than the Troll.


Quest giver: Zrull
Type: secondary quest

After destroying the Zrull, collect everything he drops. There will be a Chaos demon among them. Talk to him and return to your business.



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