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Land of the Lizard-men

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Here you have enough to do, but not too much. You may complete all the side quests, and afterwards take up the main line again. That takes only two steps, so finish everything before looking after the major tasks.

It would be strange though, that there are some necroraider-looking persons. It could be because this type of necroraiders were made from the people of this race.

The village of the Lizard-men

Quest giver: Druid
Type: main quest

When you get to the village of the Lizard-men and talk to the Druid, it turns out that they keep up a magic barrier with all their power to protect the whole world. However you have to pass this barrier, and therefore you must speak with the village leader. The Druid does only what the leader tells him.

The end justifies the means

Quest giver: Snaarl
Type: main quest

Your efforts are futile, the leader won't let you pass the barrier either. But you have another chance: every time the "cruel gods" travel across the skies over the village, they take a sacrifice with them. Now the next one would be the leader's son, so if you quickly grab the opportunity and offer yourself instead of the boy, Snaarl will not hesitate to agree. :-) Just go to the "sacrifice altar" in the middle of the village, next to the hamlet's teleportation point. Step up the altar and choose to enter the next map.

Note: Remember to finish all your quests here before leaving the village. But of course you can return any time and do your business.

A heart for Ri'an

Quest giver: Medicine Man
Type: secondary quest

If you enter the village from east, there stands Ri'an and a Medicine Man beside him. The Healer tells you that Ri'an will die if nothing happens in order to save his life. You may offer your help, then he will ask for a heart for the boy. The heart of a Giant Ice Golem. To get it you have to go back to the Steelight Crypt. There you can find the monster quickly: turn right at the first corner to the snowy path. Take a few steps ahead. Deliver the heart to the Medicine Man.

Vital fluid

Quest giver: Medicine Man
Type: secondary quest

After getting the heart, there is only one thing remains: to recover the boy's agility. For that you give the idea by mentioning the green liquid the Necroraiders live with. Offer your help again and get some of this fluid. Go towards the sign south from the village and at the dot you'll find the appropriate necroraiders. Kick them up and head back to the hamlet.

Thanks from Ri'an

Quest giver: Medicine Man
Type: secondary quest

The point is Ri'an is healed and he would like to thank you your help. He stands next to the Medicine Man, talk to him.

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Hunted hunter

Quest giver: Ri'an
Type: secondary quest

When Ri'an gives you his thanks, he tells you what happened to him as well. It sounds a bit odd, but he was attacked by a Giant Laying Hen and it was the one who cursed him with a spell. He survived though, but he doesn't dare to face with it again. It will be your task. Go south of the map, there you'll find the Giant Laying Hen. Slash it, cook it and good appetite!


Quest giver: Ri'an
Type: secondary quest

When defeating that Hen, you can find a Water Demon, Meher among the other dropped things. Having a little chit-chat with him this quest is finished.

Without mercy

Quest giver: Croc Mit'n
Type: secondary quest (reward)

In the cemetery stands a lizard-man. He's complaining about a thug that killed his son and threatens him with killing his wife as well. Croc Mit'n asks you to make justice and kill Lep Onge. He's next to the cemetery outside the village. Go and talk to him. He's a bit stupid - or at least he looks like he is. If you like, leave him alone. Or you can challenge him to a duel. After speaking with him, go back to Croc Mit'n. He offers you a deal: to exchange 5 Bone fragments for 1 Intact bone, or 5 Pieces of wood for 1 High quality wood. You may reject the deal, but this "quest" is only finished if you agree. He gives you some weapon and the business is on the way.

There's a lizard

Quest giver: Lep Onge
Type: secondary quest

If you decide not to consider Lep Onge as an assassin, you can choose the answer that you don't think he would hurt a fly. But you might be curious about why Croc Mit'n said Lep Onge to be dangerous. Jump back and ask him. He'll be embarrassed. He stutters something that lets you think it was he who murdered his son and he thought Lep Onge eyewitnessed him. However that lizard has a terribly bad sight, so it simply could not be happened. Croc calms down, everything is all right, and he offers a deal. The business is the same as above, but you don't have to give him 1.000 gold coins extra.



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