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Necroraider Vessel

You won't get many quests here. (And some of them seems to be unsolvable, because it's buggy.) However you won't be bored: you have to walk through the entire vessel from the back to the head, meanwhile slaughtering the hordes of necroraiders. Have a good time!
Solace yourself with that you'll soon catch on Von Skromel.

The Necroraiders are great hosts...

Quest giver: -
Type: main quest

Arriving on aboard doctor Geyser gives you a warm welcome. He's surprised that you're standing in the teleporter instead of a lizard-man, but he says it's time his "little mouse" have something bony. He sends the latest Necroraider Experimentation on you. Defeat it. Then doctor Geyser will attack you to avenge his pet's death. Kill him, too.

The space station

Quest giver: -
Type: main quest

Now it's your task to find a way to get back to the Earth. The way is simple - just follow the yellow arrow and go straight ahead and cross the spaceship. This is of course not a short trip because of the necroraider enemies and the ship isn't short, either. And above all, when you reach the signed point, you'll be trapped. You are happen to be in a teleportation room, so you're sent to a "nice place" right away. That is the Nexus...

Difficult reunions

Quest giver: Tanya
Type: companion

During the whole journey you had to listen to Tanya's lamentation about how awfully she hates the Necroraiders and her fear when approaching to them. Now she tells you why she feels all this: because she sees her childhood's acquaintances again in them. It turns out that the Necroraiders dug out the bodies from the Old Cemetery and they make their reinforcements from those dead people. Tanya is sure her father's body must be here, in one of the storerooms of the space station. She asks you to find his body. Leave towards the head of the space ship, but at the first "crossroad" (after the first door) go up the left stairs. Go along the corridor. In the storeroom there are loads of Necroraiders, you don't have easy job when fighting your way down the bottom level, but you have to try. There lies the body of Tanya's father on the floor. Pick it up like the other items and the quest is done.

Rest in pieces

Quest giver: Tanya
Type: companion

When you have Tanya's father already, Tanya will ask another favour of you. She discussed everything with Croc Mit'n, the undertaker of the lizard-men (but when and how I ask??? :-) ). She made him dig a tomb for her father, but she would like to assure extra defence to her father's corpse. For this she needs 5 (in fact, according to Quest log it is 20!) Hearts of the crystal being. Go back to the Crystal Forest and slash 20 Crystal humunculuses - this time you can gain these hearts only from them. If you have all 20 hearts, Tanya will thank you for your help. At last you can go and kick Von Skromel's back side.

Von Strohouf's children

Quest giver: Von Strohouf
Type: secondary quest

During the way to the space ship's bow, you come across a Necroraider that won't attack you. Easy to notice, because he's the only one who stands calmly in the right corner of the room, and has a sign over his head. ;-) Go and talk to him. He tells you that he is the brother of Von Skromel, who has been kept as a hostage to make sure that he continues his experiments. The situation with his family and children is the same. He asks you to free them. Here comes the question: why not kill him with all his family, because he is just a Necroraider, too. He tells you his children are innocent ones. This way you can help a few necroraiders to flee from a sick tyrant's claws, that is from his brother's. And above all he promises to give you a barrel of a high quality life potion, which makes its consumer even more stronger and resistant. It's worth trying, so help him. :-) The signed place isn't far away, just a little bit farther ahead. Seek the only one guard who doesn't attack.

Von Strohouf's trap

Quest giver: -
Type: secondary quest

The story is getting complicated. When you speek with the guard, you have to decide right away: you may kill the guard and open the door, or... You should listen to what he's telling, because it's interesting! First he begs you not to open the door, or not to persuade him to let those monsters go, either, because they are the children of Devastation!!! From his reactions, you can guess he might tell the truth and Von Strohouf only wanted to betray you. Go and check what's this is all about. In theory you should go back to the point where you first met Von Strohouf.

But this quest is also buggy. :-( Von Strohouf isn't there after the dialogue with the guard. (We tried to teleport to another place and return, but it didn't work.) So it looks like this task cannot be solved this way.

The other way is much simplier: you slash the guard, open the door, kill the little vermins that attack you immediately, go back to Von Strohouf to have a little chat, and in the end, kill him as well.



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