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In the game you can use two maps. The big map, which can be displayed with "M" button (default), and the mini-map displayed all the time in the right upper corner of the screen.


The big map

The world map in "complete" view is roughly made, if the world is undiscovered yet, the map is rather like a blank one (its geographical site means something for only those players who already played the game). If it is discovered, it's like a chaos built up with symbols. If you point with the mouse at a circle or a trapeze shaped sign, the name of the corresponding city or other place will be displayed. With zooming in you can increase the chance for navigation. On the big map bring the mouse to the desired point and zoom in using the mouse scrool. You will have quite nice topography especially if you get further on in discovering the world and get more and more territory cleared.

Besides our character signed with a blue point there are two types of symbols. If you access a certain "city/place map", a circle sign or a trapeze shape (in the basic game this was a "cave entrance") will flash, then get fixed. The round shapes (except for a few) is used to designate cities, which will be starting points when restarting the game. Around this point are gathering the potential companions, and around here stands our "little friend" Lilitip - if you bring him back his chest in the Refugee Camp.

All of these points are "teleportation" points, which means you can use these to move faster on the map bridging over the enormous distances. (In the basic game teleporting the underground places is a little buggy, so try rather going near there and then step in.) The activation of these points needs the surrounding area to be discovered.

Quests are also shown on the big map. In the basic game you can see a bigger and a smaller X. The bigger one is for the main quests, the smaller one is for the side-quests. In the extension (Earth Awakening) instead of X-s, you can see a bigger and a smaller one of a "four-stranded gear" shaped sign .


The mini-map

Our friend forever and compass. This map is there whenever the big one betrays you. For under and over the ground (e.g. Upper Cloudworks) there is no map with detailed overview available.

The mini-map offers two followable signs: the white (basic game) or the yellow (Earth Awakening) arrow shows the campaign quests, the green arrow helps to find a way to the secondary tasks. This applies for the "whole world", but in the underground and over the surface you can only use this map to navigate.

You can see the following points on the mini-map:

normal citizens, characters. Alas in the extension the quest-givers wear this colour as well, so you have to find them yourself (or with the rendered maps on this site ;-) )

Blue:Hero/Heroine and actual companions
Purple:Skill masters, merchants, potential companions and Lilitip
Green:quest givers (basic game)
If you see a big green/yellos point on this map, that means there is the target/place for the secondary/main quest.


Conforming the big and the mini-map

This is one of your hardest task in the beginning, until you learn how to use them.

In the basic game the mini-map is "fixed", N-S, E-W oriented. The direction in which the character goes is shown with the arrowhead on the character's point. In this case you need to follow the arrow on the edge of the mini-map. You can define your position on the big map with comparing the topography on the zoomed in map and the mini-one. The topography is quite clear to use it for localization (e.g. mountains, planes, waters, shapes of valleys, shadows etc.).

In the Earth Awakening the mini-map circles. The mappy's North pole shows the character's heading direction. That is if you see the "S" on the top, then you're heading for South. Following the quest arrows is a good idea in this case too, and you can localize your character with the same method described above at the basic game. However if you want to reach a point not signed, call up the big map and define the targets orientation. Example: if your goal is west of you, set the mini-map (that is turn in that direction) so that the "W" is on the top. Then go ahead with the character.

To choose target for side-quests, you must call up the Quest log and choose a task. After that the corresponding direction will be shown with an arrow on the mini-map and with the above mentioned sign on the big one. The direction and sign for the main quest is always displayed on each maps.



Whole discovered world map

Silverfall maps
Refugee camp
Refugee Camp (area)
Elf village
Cloudworks desert (Sewers, Lord Kiar Urdo's and Lady Zokor's palace, Coal-crystal mine, Robot factory)
Gaian (village)
Gaian (area)
Camp of Corrupt Elves
Greybay (city)
Greybay (area)
Great Cemetery Wastelands
Steelight Duchy
Lozrun Labyrinth
Snowy Forest
Subterranean world

Silverfall Earth Awakening maps
High Yaalta
Low Yaalta
Cannibal Jungle
Dwarf village
Land of the Dwarves (Beach)
Crystal Forest
Lizard-men village
Land of the Lizard-men
Nexus - Cave of Three Arches


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