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In the walkthrough for the Silverfall basic game I've made a great effort to give you the more information and to gather the more quests just to help you, if you get stuck somewhere or you're simply curious about the game play.

Please take that into account, from the Companion-type quests only those ones are available for you that are given by the companions you travel with. For example: you can only get Tanya's first quest if she's with you at the time you are in the Great Cemetery Wastelands.

The description for the quests of Portiz and Alina was the great work of Kriszta (a Hungarian fan), and she was also the one who helped me to build-up the content of the site with her critical but beneficial comments.

If you discover an annoying mistype or misunderstandable/obscure text or content error in the quest descriptions, please let me know by sending a comment to the "Comments" or to the Forum. (My English is strong but it's far from perfect!!! ;-) ) There are buggy, unsolvable quests (luckily not too many), however if you can find a solution for them you're welcome to write us for everyone's pleasure. :-)

I grouped the walkthrough by places for the sake of clear sight. Therefore somewhere the chronology is a bit "upside down". During the game you have to return to a place, sometimes more than twice. So there will be quests in a place in between more time elapse. These ones will be marked and you'll find the prelude there and with a simple mouse click you'll be able to check on it, and then return.

This description is clearly a spoiler for those who love surprises!

And now let's see the Walkthrough at last! :-)

click to enlarge


Refugee Camp
Flooded Ruins
Cloudworks Desert
Upper Cloudworks
Coal-crystal Mine
Robot Factory
Abandoned Mine
Camp of the Corrupt Elves
Necroraider Laboratory
Necroraider Zeppelin
Great Cemetery Wastelands
Iznahel's Crypt
Steelight Duchy
The Duchess' Palace
Lozrun Labyrinth
Snowy Forest
Steelight Crypt
Subterranean World
Guekheness hive
Dwarf Town
Koroziom's Palace
Element Cathedral


Places and Quests

Refugee Camp
Kill the zombies...
See Kara/Kaharon again
Heal Morka
Find remedy
Tree dragon bark
Lost survivors
Gas extractor
A Silverfall zeppelin-port
Run into the buffalo hunters
Hunted hunters
Good hunting
Find the shaman
Find Lilitip's chest
Rock potion

The lost cartographer
Help from the elves
Kill the necrophage
Stone to rebuild Silverfall
Delivery of a boat kit
The serious delivery boy
Avenge the altar's destruction
A heavy-hearted elf

Flooded Ruins
Destroy the origin of the zombies

Cloudworks Desert
Save the werewolf
Burn the werewolf!
Find the Archmage in Cloudworks
In Cloudworks
Speak to the guard
Run into Nekol
Join Sergeant Nob
Through the Sewers
The mecalchemy exam
Find the bandits
Get the gold back from the bandits
Repair Sharpitk's servant

The founder's tomb

Run into Birnard
Go back to inform Nob
The lord of Cloudworks
Reward for the rat men
Rabbit potion
A marriage in danger
The lost caravan
The workers aren't working any more
The supervisor must die in the name of Nature
The druid must die in the name of Progress

Upper Cloudworks
A strange lady
Clear the mine
Invading beast-men
Destroy the competition
A threat at the forge

Coal-crystal Mine
You need to complete two quests in this Mine, but you don't get another one here.

Robot Factory
What is Kara/Kaharon doing?
The architect of the tower
The new Death Shadow
A messenger from Silverfall

Go see Salma/Chalnuk in Silverfall
The Gaian druids
The antidote
The heron potion
The temple's sacred stone
Reward for the beast-men
Lack of workers in Silverfall
A blacksmith for Silverfall (nature)
A blacksmith for Silverfall (technology)
The orphan's return
Itinerary for Greybay
To Greybay
Through the mountains

Duel with the mercenary
Sacred water of the beast-men
The intelligence potion
Portiz's clothes
Reward for Giant Eagles
Find Hulart
Gaia's challenge
Free the sacred tree
Kill the prince
Return to the source

Abandoned Mine
A service for another
Fight for honour

A damsel in distress
The lost hammer

Camp of the Corrupt Elves
You need to complete quests you picked up earlier in this Camp, but you don't get another one here.

Break the siege
Speak to Syriaz, the serpent-tongued
Speak to Syriaz
Kill the necroraider inventor
The ethnologist
Study of Nature totems
Out of control experiments

Here you don't get any new quest, you just have to fight a way to the Necroraider Laboratory.

Necroraider Laboratory
Here you don't get any new quest either, you just have to break through the hordes of necroriaders and get to the Zeppelin.

Necroraider Zeppelin
Where is the princess?
Rob the tablet

Great Cemetery Wastelands
Free the blacksmith
Visit to the cemetery
A slave's past

Iznahel's Crypt
In Iznahel's mausoleum
Kill the abomination
Destroy Iznahel
The Steelight crystal

Steelight Duchy
The Duchess judgment
Reward for ice elements
A Lady's keepsake
Kill the druids' creature
Find allies in Silverfall

The Duchess' Palace
Morka's debt
Speak to Hob
To the Steelight crypt

Lozrun Labyrinth
Speak to Veyra
The Lozrun territory
Fight the ice king
Bring back Ilio
Back to the Steelight castle

Snowy Forest
Kill the crazy lumberjacks

Steelight Crypt
Find the crystal
Against the Death Shadow
The Dark King
Back to Steelight

Subterranean World
Find another access to the dwarf town
Save Xilipp
In the hive
The dwarf town
Kill the guardian
Find the dwarf king's palace

Guekheness hive
The guekheness queen
Meeting in Dripp

Dwarf Town
Find the Dark King

Koroziom's Palace
Through the gate

Join your allies
Break through the barrage!
The element cathedral

Element Cathedral
A new hope


You can find the walkthrough for the extension of this game, Earth Awakening here, or on top amongst the main buttons, or in the Navigation menu.

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